Football is something I could engage in all day

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Everyone has what he or she likes to do the most, let's say an hobbie. Mine is football and even with the injury that I suffered the last time out, I still couldn't resist joining in the fun while the boys were out kicking the ball around. It's just like I was addicted to football, lol..

So anyways, I joined the boys but didn't play my favorite position of being a central back or a defensive four, I played as a goal keeper, if I can't use my legs well for now; I can use my hand. Lolx.. I used my hands and played as the goal keeper.

I know you want me to tell you about my performance, lolx.. I won't tell you because it was very bad. Lol. But at least I still got to engage in my favorite sport of any time and any life (this is my third life, lol).

Football is pure passion and that fire keeps burning in him, I wish I had chosen a career in football than the banker that I am🌚, but believe me, I have no regrets, I still get to play football till my legs are soars..

So that's what my contribution to my favorite sport today.. Lol.

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