3 Things I didn’t Think I’d Ever Say

in #lifestylelast year


1. I wake up before the alarm (which is already set to early) because I’m excited to go to school.

2. I respect my teachers, might even like them.

3. I get along with my school mates really well.

Bonus: I return my homework well before last minute.


Damn you should be going to a school in wonderland or something! :D
well it's good to hear that you are happy! <3 :)

These are 3 good signs of enjoyment :D
I do the same the days I have school :D

What are you studying?

Life Coaching and I wanna get a special in peopæe with ADHD :D

You are the ideal student!

For now 😏

Sounds like the reasons I give students to not go to college right away.

Bet you're learning more than before too.

I think it should be mandatory to work in service industry for a year or two before college or any additional studies 😁

Yes! Or in the least bit as a part of your studies, like an internship or something.

Didn’t you forget to lie? 😏

It sounds like you have found your path/passion.


Killer mittens Eve . (Just one thing I thought I'd never say.)

Thanks! I made them :)

Dat hair's looking good to by the way...Sort of tousled.

Link is just in the advent the word is foreign to you, no offence intended, just trying to help.


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It's really just a matter of finding the right type of school, I have a similar experience with the massage school I'm in, my group is a bit of bizarre with a big variety of personalities and lots of odd humor – rancid too. I will let your imagination do the rest on what type of humor that could be. Anyhow, it's nice to be at a school where you actually like to be.

Especially number three. But I think people want to get along with you or else kind of thing.