A baby shower in Budapest | So lovely!

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Baby shower

At the end of December, almost two months ago (damn, time flies!), I was invited to a baby shower of a friend. It was very cool to meet her in-laws and have a nice afternoon eating cake and playing some fun games. I even wone a prize lol, having the most correct answers in a quiz. Honestly, her boyfriend had the same amount of correct answers but they gave the prize to me, we all enjoyed the chocolate bonbons thanks!

This afternoon I learned that my friend has a very loving family here in Hungary and that they are just as kind and supportive as her boyfriend. I can tell she fits right in and they were all looking forward to the moment their little baby boy will be born. Because did I mention this? They are pregnant of a baby boy!


I actually planned to write about this nice baby shower back in December, but you know how that goes around the holidays, lol. So I totally forgot about it until today. There's a good reason I got reminded today but I will not give any spoilers here or name my friend until she gives me permission to do so. Until then I will share the pictures of the baby shower in December.

First-time baby shower

Auntie to be told me it's not something typical in Hungary to throw a baby shower, and she hoped she'd do a good job. It was clear she was very excited to throw mom to be one, and when I arrived, I was in awe. The location (a healthy cake shop) was a perfect match, just a small place with enough room for the guests.


The walls and table were decorated as well as a desk against the wall where we could leave presents.


These snacks above were delicious!



Auntie to be: well done, no need to be modest as you nailed it!

The cake was delicious!


When you're at a baby shower, you know you will probably have a cake. In this case, there was no need to be secretive about the baby's gender as the parents never made it a secret they were expecting a baby boy. No need for a neutral cake with a colored filling to reveal the gender. Such a lovely cake was made by Cakeshop Healthy in Budapest.



When the cake was cut open, there was a chocolate filling inside. The mommy to be is a chocolate fan so this was to be expected. It was heavenly! I even got to take home a piece for my daughter, which she enjoyed the next day. <3

Thank you again for inviting me, I had such a lovely afternoon with everyone. I can't wait to meet your little guy!



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