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They have these massive mirrors all over some of the bridges over the canals at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, London. That part of the park is often very quiet, especially on week days, so I would at times go there to make videos, or just chill.

I often take photos like this one there as well, because it offers a different perspective to the usual way I see myself. You know, you can never see what other people see - not even in a mirror. What you're looking at in a mirror is a lateral flip of what you really look like - Everything on the right is on the left, vise-versa.

Most of us have asymmetrical faces but we've become accustomed to looking at our mirror images, we don't notice the imbalance. Likewise, people that have been looking at us dead on for years have also come to accept the way we look.

This is an interesting experiment to try, stand behind someone you know well, like a friend or family member, in front of a mirror and look at their face. The will look very different suddenly. That is because that may be the first time you're seeing what they see!


Self portrait with a vintage Zenit 3M camera

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 18.47.40.png

Self reflection is something I make sure to do now and again. I'm probably set in my ways now, but I like to think that I have some space to change, learn and grow. The people I encounter on a daily basis are people that may influence said growth or change. At the same time, I'm quite resistant to forces that attempt to control my thought process.

There are people that are already where I aim to be in life. Likewise, other people look up to me.

Isn't it strange that looking up to someone is seen as a positive thing, depending on the personality, but looking down at someone has a negative connotation?

From the mirror analogy, how you see yourself isn't the same as how people see you - both physically and otherwise. Being aware of this itself is a plus, because it helps you when interacting with others. I think the lack of awareness of this fact at times leads to conflict - with each side feeling righteous and not believing why the other party is the way they are.

Steem hierarchy

We have this sort of structure on Steem - the marine life hierarchy.

I say "marine life" rather than "fish" because of all the water organisms we use, only the minnow is a fish. The others are something else.

My designation right now at the point of writing this is "orca" - the killer whale. I'm a small orca, relative to the range of SP that qualifies for that designation, but an orca nonetheless. I'm only an orca due to bad timing. Had I invested today, I'd be a small whale.

In terms of what you can do and how you can throw your weight around the platform, the whale, especially the super whale is the most powerful. The whale has the power to enrich, and to disenfranchise at will - both of which we've seen happening with or without reason.

The orca, depending on where in the spectrum, can also make a bit of a difference - enriching and disenfranchising, and could appear to be a whale from the point of view of the plankton or small minnow.

During the high times, with the Steem Price in the sky, when I was a brand new plankton on the platform, I looked up to dolphins with a slight bit of envy. "If only I could be a dolphin, I'd be happy."

Now the opportunity has presented itself and I have been able to become an orca, which is way more than I would have ever dreamt of back then. Yet, in the corner of my mind I at times find those thoughts wishing I had waited just a little bit longer.

Those thoughts are quickly vanquished, though, partly through the power of self-reflection and perspective. Looking at myself from above may make me look smaller than I want to be, but looking at myself from below shows how far I've come.



Peace and Love ✌🏿

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