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The dark months are now upon us in the North, and many are starting to hunker down for the winter season. It dipped under freezing temperature yesterday night, so we woke up to frost and some ice here and there. It's going to be a brutal winter this year, apparently. Personally, I hope there are no new records set in that regard. I don't think I can take another brutal winter to be honest.

I've also noticed the change in my pocket. I'm using more gas to heat my place, which means a larger bill. There are other effects too - the lights are now on longer, my solar devices are not getting as much sunshine either. I really hate winter.


Somewhere in East London

With Britain still in the European Union, Brexit has failed so far. To be honest, I think it's failed forever now. I don't see a way back from here. Having said that, I'm now seriously considering an Adexit.


Next year spring time I'm planning a trip to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. It will complete my tour of the main islands of the Canaries, and my reconnaissance mission to see which one I like the best.

To be honest, they're all wins. The weather is perfect. The people are very nice. There are functioning amenities, good roads, good enough Internet, blah blah. The weather though! It's quite unfair that some people get to live in that kind of climate. When it's winter here in northern Europe is when it's the most comfortable out there.

I also enjoyed the pace of life on those islands. Everything is moving a lot slower than here in London. I guess one could say that for many places around the world.

Things are also a lot cheaper. I feel that my money can go a lot further than it does here. Living in London is like setting fire to your bank account.

Anyway, it's still all in the planning process - nothing firm yet. If I don't end up in the Canaries, then perhaps the western coast of Africa somewhere like The Gambia or Senegal where life is even slower yet. I've also lived in Senegal before, so that wouldn't be a tough transition I guess.

Another awesome part of being on the African end of the Atlantic, as opposed to the American end (The Caribbean), is that there are no hurricanes! Sure, they start from there, but they swiftly move away towards the Americas.


In other news, I'm looking to invest in more Steem or APX. We have been spoiled rotten by this elongated bear market. Steem shouldn't been this cheap for this long :) . It's looking like we have another dip, so there might be some opportunity to buy some more once it goes past my set threshold.

As such, I'll probably be looking for more (new) people to support with all that juicy Steem power. I feel like I'm in some kind of content bubble and only consume from a certain group, and it's a small group. I do try looking for new content, but I quickly get bored of searching :)

I know there are some awesome creators on here that I don't know about. If you have anyone in mind, please point them out here. Thanks.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Having lived on the Canaries myself for some time, I fully support Adexit :))) Btw it´s funny how the financial standpoint differs across Europe. I can imagine you could live on the Canaries for a fraction of what you have to pay to cover your expenses in London but for us (you might remember I am a Czech and my girlfriend is a Slovak), Tenerife was actually a bit too expensive to make it our home for more than just a couple of months... We are currently on the "neighboring" Azore Islands and I love it here so far. They are a bit colder but much more isolated, tranquil and undisturbed by tourism compared to the Canaries :) Come to check it out :)

I am a Czech and my girlfriend is a Slovak

You're sleeping with the enemy bro. haha.

I've never been to the Azore Islands. Are they Portuguese or Spanish speaking?

I know what you mean about the difference in expenses. My Czech friends still cant believe how much rent costs here in London - (even though things have become a lot more expensive over there too since they joined the EU apparently).

The Azores are Portuguese islands :) Btw that language is crazy... I have serious concerns that my already terrible Spanish will get even more butchered by listening to the locals here :D

Well, in my Czech homeland, it has mostly been Prague where the rent costs have reached some ridiculous levels, rest of the country remains pretty reasonable. I know you have some friends in the Beskydy Region. I think you can still get a decent one bedroom apartment in a little town or village down there for under 7,000 CZK (270 EUR) per month. I believe you cannot even have a garage for this price in London :D

You can and you will take it if it comes lol But i hate it too, and it's coming here as well. I'm just burning wood since i moved into my grandma's house and renovating it. Starting fireplace each morning not to freeze balls off is so poetic.

By the way, why steem price should be higher? Any ideas? Lol

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By the way, why steem price should be higher? Any ideas? Lol

Your guess is as good as mine 😭😭😭😭😭😭

For now just speculation, no other reason. SMT's maybe, but time will show how it goes. Other than that no tangible reasons for price appreciation since totally no utility.

I can't say I know what's in the works, but a group of individuals, myself included, feel the next wave is coming. Hopefully that means better things in terms of content, but it all boils down to the individual. I hope to capitalize and bring my work to greater depths. We'll see. Utility-maximizing behavior motivates my decisions similarly; I don't see why so many of my peers chose to relocate from our (formerly their) city. It also makes sense to make the dollar fiat stretch, so power to you in your choices. You think I can justify junk food to my parents by commenting on the economics ? haha

Man, when Steem moons, like really moons, it's going to be nice.

If you move to the Canaries, can we all come visit you? :D

100% :)

You got me convinced :P I'll be visiting whichever place you pick though, so don't be too happy about your move yet!

Hahahah. Let's all move! So much bliss awaits haha.

i also dream about canary island )) london weather worst in the autumn

LOL. Lets' create a new Steem digital nomad land there.

this is good idea )), the last step is to find income to live there and start to learn Spanish

reconnaissance mission



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By the way,Why do Britain leave the eu?

We haven't left (yet?). I don't think anybody really knows anymore.