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So the other day, my colleagues and I were sitting around the pantry table having lunch and chatting away. We would go on from topic to topic but one has left my brain thinking more than usual. It was a topic on how messed up families and people are these days. Now before I begin, what you're about to read are of my personal opinion only and I do not have any intentions of offending anyone or belittling people. I have my beliefs and I'm sure everyone has their own. So before you throw an axe at my bullseyes, I would advise that you stop reading from here on out, because the topics I might share can be quite controversial. How controversial can it get? Well if you can't handle me promoting slaughtering animals when you're a vegan, then that's the cue to stop reading. Otherwise, do keep reading as I will be sharing my thoughts on the subjects ahead.

Photo by Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

As we sat around the lunch table, a colleague of mine popped a question asking, 'is it common that girls go around having one nightstand these days?' I'm not sure about other parts of the world but for Asian countries especially Chinese, it is a nono for things like that. In our Chinese teachings, when a girl loses her virginity, she is deemed unclean so when this topic arose, and according to the current trends in the world, apparently, one nightstand is common among the more 'open-minded' people.

I was silently sitting and listening because I knew that I could come off as hostile to some of their opinions. Another colleague was sharing her stories of how messed up her family is and that it is very common to be wild and that only we are 'closed-minded'. Now when she said that, I can't help to think that being open-minded is the right thing to be and being closed-minded is the wrong thing. Or are these all just like a trend to be 'cool' or 'fitting' to these sort of times. It also felt like she was actually proud that such things are happening.

For me personally, I was saddened and yes if you would like to call me 'a close-minded person' then so be it because I have my own belief and sometimes being that close-minded will save you and your family a lot of hurts. I also noticed that when the whole class says A, it may seem like it's the right thing. Do it more than once, everyone becomes numb to what God has truly intended for us.

My other colleague was more outspoken and he asked, 'Why are people in such a mess, broken relationships, divorce, one nightstand, etc. How do I trust my partner now?'

At that moment, I felt that it was the right time to share just a little bit from where I stand. I mentioned that because we as humans do not have accountability to anyone. I know that people do not like being accountable to anyone as long as we are happy. Being accountable needs you to have restraint on your actions, more self-control and to do what is right to that thing you're held accountable to. So it's pretty obvious no one likes to be 'controlled' in this sense because we are all 'as long we're happy, it is our right, and a lot more reasons along these lines'.

I shared with the table that I was accountable to God and that whatever I do, I must be righteous in His eyes. The things I do must be pleasing unto Him. The bible does share a lot of what relationships should be and how love must be. How lust and adultery would destroy relationships. The perfect manual is already in our midst and I believe if a couple would obey and live a Godly life, none of these things and worries would happen. But that isn't the case, as we're all still human and we crave that 1-night pleasure.

So I just left my point out there that for things to work out right and to have fewer worries in the future, I have to be accountable to God because He keeps track of me and He wants the best for me and for you too.

Have a great weekend!



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Having beliefs does not make you close minded. Perhaps thinking that you are right in those beliefs no matter what and you don’t even consider something because it doesn’t align with your beliefs could be considered close minded.

I like to evolve my beliefs based on the wisdom I accrue. Much of this wisdom comes from open discussion with people with different opinions

That’s life!

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