Holiday Mood

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Yesterday we had our first snow this year! It didn't melt over the day, and I enjoyed my short walks very much. How such a simple thing can make me happy as a child...

Despite a lockdown, the holiday mood is on now. I have plans for the future again and it brings more sense to my life.


Just to start, I need to:

Buy presents for my family.

Settle the New Year celebration, the place, guests, the menu, drinks etc.

Bake Stollen, as it must be baked in advance.

Learn how to make Pepparkakor, a Swedish traditional spice cookies, my favorite <3 <3 <3

Buy garlands.

As soon as I'll be done with this list, I'll have another one for Christmas :D


I don't need a new dress or shoes this year and this is good for our budget. No one knows how worse it will get next year. We had to learn not to be wasteful. But the holiday was not canceled, and we really need it - a Spirit of Holidays.


By the way, could you share what holiday do you look forward to more, Christmas or New Year? And why? For me, it is always Christmas, because family gathers at one table, and we have ancient traditions, and I appreciate this special time very much.


Hugs and cheers,


Did you start decorating your home? I bought a few things which I couldn't buy last year so will start decorating soon. A little bit festive look and will pray for everyone...

Not yet, I have to buy new decoration for NY tree and few garlands. Also, I'm going to buy some for my daughter, she lives separately, and she loves very much to decorate everything around, but always is short in money, lol.

I wish you to get everything for festive mood this year. Are you staying in Ukraine?

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 32 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

It's so exciting preparing for Christmas. This year's may be very different for many, and in UK, we don't even know if we can spend Christmas with our family yet....

Oh, no! How is it possible? To forbid leaving the house? That would be too harsh...

We here are uncertain in aviability of public transport but we can drive by car.

Stay safe and have a good day, dear @livinguktaiwan 🌤🌞

For me, the New Year is more important as a date that allows you to take a break, summarize, analyze and, most importantly, make a list of plans for the next year.