Do you have a Job?

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"No , i am not working , am just a full time mom"...

These words are my usual response , when someone asks me if i am working or bot or where or what company am i at right now. Then mostly , i'll have a reply like , "oh that's okay , you are lucky to have your kids" or , "that's okay when they grow up you can start working again" , or , "Oh, so you're just stuck at home with your daily routine" .. thise are just some , and i appreciate them all..

But then .. i realized something ...

I was wrong .. i was really wrong in saying that , "i am not working " , or "i don't have a job. Motherhood is indeed an incomparable job . A job that is 24/7 . . no leave.. no salary.. but the pay is worth all the effort , sleepless nights, stress, and all things in it. It is actually a never ending job. But you mothers are doing it because of love.. yes , LOVE , not to earn anything, like money .. reputation or awards.. but out of LOVE for kids and family. In this job , you can't file a resignation or can't even quit if you feel like .

So from now on.. whenever someone would asks me those questions above . I should answer... YES! I am a MOTHER i work hard and i love what i do. a job that every mother can , but we are all best at our very own unique way.



Excellent writing. I completely feel it. My wife was a service holder. She served a multinational organisation for seven years. Only for the better life of her kids she sacrificed her job and now taking care of them. Rightly said, it is 24 hours job and never ending. Salute to all the mothers. Enjoyed your blog and following you. Have a nice time.

thanks @deepu7 , appreciate your words.. salute to your wife as well and she's lucky to have a supportive husband like you.

You are most welcome friend.

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