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RE: Do We Ever Really Know Someone?

in #life11 months ago

I understand your position. One of the things that creates most noise in our relationships with other people is expectation. We expect so many things that we believe to be tacit and logical that, in the end, disappointment overcomes us when we face a failed reality in terms of what we give, what we expect and what we receive. It is true that many times we have found that we have lost years believing that we have built a solid and harmonious relationship based on mutual knowledge and it turns out that it is not so, each was mounted on a different hill and the voices were not like that, but echoes that often arrive distorted.
It is best not to expect anything from another, but that is too difficult. We want to give, to stir, to mix our essences.


it really is difficult, especially after sharing your life together not to expect, yet I know we should not, we really need to embrace others, but if they are hiding who they are that what is there to embrace? Thank you my friend xx