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RE: Do We Ever Really Know Someone?

in #life11 months ago (edited)

This post got me thinking. Our experiences are not just things that happen but also what we chose at the time we engage with encounters, act and with what we share our time with. But really also people we have chosen to be with, we must learn to cherish in our hearts, because it becomes a big part of learning to respect ourselves. Aspiring to learn this. Profound post that i can relate to. Someone that completely cuts ties and vanishes might have his or her reasons. As diplomatic as one tries to be, relationship can end in people even ghosting. Learning to forgive someone and forgiving oneself isn't so easy i feel?


Forgiveness takes time for sure and I am not ready for that yet, but one day I will. Now I am just processing the last 11 years and trying to make sense of some things but I am in a good place now, if a bit tired and run down, but then we always have to go down in order to come back up xxxx