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in life •  8 months ago 

I definitely dont have a 1000 lol but that looks like a beautiful lake. I feel the beauty of nature and it makes me want to go wakeboarding or fishing. Also, id love to visit Oregon, i have never been. So, to sum it all up in 1 word, vacation. Thnx for sharing Grandpa 😊

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Hey, @weirdheadaches.

No problem. It's amazing just how much peace the beauty of nature can bring. Even as we try to urbanize quite a bit of it, there's still a lot places where you could almost detach yourself from the outside world.

This is pretty much what Western Oregon looks like from Portland down to Medford. Outside of the cities, obviously, which haven't done a bad job of incorporating nature into them, either. Very earth-friendly around here. To the extreme sometimes, but it definitely has its better moments. :)