Progress, not perfection...

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Hello everyone,

Daily Update

Bitcoin is spiking up to the new levels every second day but what Steem is doing and why it is not showing similar traits. I was also wondering the same, the motive was to know "why". It surged during the well known 2017 end but not now. I didn't find a technical statement but I read the chats from one of the official Steem Telegram where people asking the similar queries, one admin said that they are actually working on long terms plan and said that the core is all focused on sustaining the steem for the long race and not for short term gains. The pretty solid answer, enough to let my such queries sit and relax for a few more months.

So let's move to the title now and today it reads as "Progress not perfection". Quite motivating when you start as an explosion but while nearing to the end you lose most of the sparks. Progress matters most. Job is needed to be done no matter what way it has done or whether you perfectly did it or not. People only look at whether you achieved it or not no matter how much of your intelligent methods you put behind the work. There is only a mark for perfection if you have completed the task. Nobody evaluates perfection on incomplete work, because you simply can't. Nobody will pay if you remain incomplete yet perfect. So perfection counts only after you completely done it.
Even if you are making a little progress, you are on the right track, progressing! And if you are doing it precisely but unable to move any further step then there is no use of such perfections and it only counts when you finish the race. So instead of putting much in perfection, put all things in progress, progress will let you know how far you have come from the last checkpoint.