Where to Find Truth and Facts About SARS-2 and COVID-19?

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Actual substantive news regarding important information folks need to know to act to secure themselves from pandemic that threatens us all today are scarce and buried in enemedia fluff. Where can good information be found?

Have a look where enemedia doesn't bother to go, like Best Korea.

(I have hesitated to post Youtube videos, after recent posts containing them have suffered the loss of them. I've watched for two days to see that this video wasn't taken down before I posted it. If anyone can recommend a way to download Youtube video, I'd very much appreciate it, but in fact I don't have much storage space, so an archival solution would be preferable.)

I have been watching 2019 harvests, and for staple commodities like wheat,corn, sugar beets, and etc., harvests across the world are down, many by half. Supply chains are busting for many nonfood items due to China's importance as a manufacturing center. I could not more strongly recommend taking advantage of present prices and supplies for items that may be necessary to your quality of life in the next year.

~10% of the people in the world are presently under some form of quarantine, and the WHO has just begun to recognize that it's failure to recommend travel and trade restrictions regarding China may have prevented rational action to prevent a pandemic. My opinion of their 'work' could not be lower.

But, it's not just the WHO that has let us down. Many governments are become vectors for pandemic. South Korea is in the beginning stages of catastrophe, as it's problematic cults continue to destabilize it's society.

In the US, the CDC has been overridden by bureaucrats (who'da thunk it?) and evacuees from the Diamond Princess known to be infected with SARS-2 were packed onto buses and planes bound for the states with hundreds of uninfected civilians.

Western governments aren't the icons of free speech and democratic virtue they once were thought to be. I don't think they're going to save us. I believe salvation will come, as it always has, from we ourselves. I don't recommend waiting for warnings on TV. Don't believe the official numbers, because it's not just China that is lying about them. I cannot confirm the following information, but it's consistent with the current ILI data for this flu season, and my expectations of government regarding this threat.

IMG source - /pol/ - the sketchiest source in existence

While the above cannot be verified, from Event 201 to the WHO, official censorship of scary facts has demonstrably been recommended, and I have absolutely no doubt we are not being apprised of factual information regarding the current state of pandemic spread. I know they're lying, but I can't know what the facts are they're concealing because they're concealing them.

You'll have to exercise your best judgment, and take action you deem advisable. I've speculated that China may have committed an own goal by provably vaccinating it's people with a SARS vaccine in small trials despite all research into such vaccines showing that they caused worse symptoms and more deaths from SARS/Coronavirii. That widespread vaccination with such a vaccine has contributed to the epidemic in China is only speculation, and censorship of actual infection rates in other countries may have caused the appearance of the confinement of COVID-19 largely to China.

IMG source - /pol/ - the sketchiest source available

Until Wuhan scale infection is happening in such countries as are affected, it will remain censored information, and we won't know - until everyone knows. Then there will be panic by those that did not prepare for such event in advance.

Don't prepare to panic. Failure to plan is planning to fail. The worst that can happen from prebuying durable goods in preparation for lapses in supply that would eventuate from economic disruption and crop losses that are evident from the data available is that you secure pre-inflation prices if no disruption occurs.

In China we see the breakdown of society, with civilians being hapless victims of every kind of armed thug. That is common in similar events, such as war and famine. There are specific recommendations for preparing to survive such failure of societal order, and amongst the most useful is being a member of a group that can stand watches, defend it's members, and protect it's resources.

IMG source - /pol/ - don't trust this source

Consider what is likely, what is possible, and what is sure to happen, and take appropriate action to prepare per your best understanding. 20% of global manufacturing capacity is shut down today, and this is hitting certain manufacturers harder than others. Automotive parts and IT supplies are amongst the most impacted, but you'll have to do research to ascertain specifics relevant to your circumstances.

Please do that.


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You can download YouTube videos via some websites and also some Firefox add-ons. Have you ever had an add-on on Firefox? I could show you how to get started.

In celebration of our new partnership with Tron, I am using Opera, the browser owned by Tron. I do have some extensions installed in Opera.

I tried to use a website that claimed you could download vids with it, but even though I could watch the video and had it open at the time, it failed to get access to the video.

If you know of websites that actually work to do that, that would be a great help.

Thank you!

I just found one that worked for me. It is called Distill Video . com. I downloaded a YouTube video to my laptop and it played. The video and the audio worked.

Download YouTube Videos

I'm saying that because some websites may not copy the audio. The hard part can be finding the right app or website. So, I've used different ones. But sometimes, some may die or stop working. This one worked for me just a second ago.

The link

Imma check it out. If it does work for me it'll prevent me from suffering the videos I link being taken down.


i hope so

It wouldn't dl vids with audio. You can dl the audio, but separately, which I don't think I want to weave back into the video part.

Imma keep looking lol

It does audio and video depending on which of the links you click on. There should be an option for something like MP4 as opposed to MP3. There should be video formats like MP4, last time I checked. I could show you my screenshots.

But it worked for me.

You should try Extrem Download Manager. I always use it and never had any problem with it, plus, you can download the video in high quality if available. The software is, of course, open-source and the last update was on 2020-01-13. Check it out!


I hope that may help prevent the censorship of original sources I have been suffering. Unfortunately, I have very little storage capacity on my computer. I really need some way to archive such resources 'offshore', or I will quickly lose the ability to preserve them.


Is it just me, or does this whole wash
your hands frequently bit to protect
yourself from a race-specific biolog-
ical weapon smack of duck & cover?

I am sure duck and cover was an effective means of preventing nuclear annihilation. I don't think any Americans perished from nuclear blasts, after the duck and cover protocol was advocated.

But, no, washing your hands after touching something someone else touched is probably a good way to get rid of any pathogens they may have left on it. Those alcohol wipes and gels are probably a good second best if you can't carry a sink with hot running water around with you. And soap.

Soap makes such a mess in my pockets!

I'm not convinced this is a biological weapon. It's very virulent, meaning it is easy to transmit and catch, but it's a lot less fatal than Ebola or Warburg, and seems most harmful to the elderly, not fighting age men.

I suspect it may have been an attempt to work on vaccines,as China did run human trials of SARS vaccines, despite the animal trials revealing that was a bad idea. Wuhan Institute of Virology submitted a lot of coronaviruses to the NCBI, which means they did a lot of work with them, particularly those that remained latent in bats, because of bats' weird immune systems.

I had a plotline for a morbid syfy story in mind, in which cagy intelligence operatives crafted SARS-2 and made it available to known Chinese spies in Canada, who'd be sure to steal it, and made it so infectious that China's BSL-4 labs would be unable to contain it, given China's 10x jobsite injury rate. But I really don't want to put that story into the world today. There's enough bad mojo going around.

Dr. Francis Boyle has me convinced it's a bio-weapon, and others have me convinced that it's current iteration prior to mutation is race specific against Chinese and Japanese based on their high expression of ace-2 cells in the lungs. I've learned that antibodies aren't necessarily and indication of acquired immunity and reinfection can easily occur. I think everyone will ultimately end up catching this, but perhaps mainly the young (with an overactive immune response,) and elderly of Asian descent will be the highest casualties. My guess is that it's probably one of the most nightmarish things that many will witness in their lifetime. From the looks of it, China and Japan will get hit the hardest and if I'm right it's not just exports (or access to affordable goods that's a concern). Exporting our products from a nation of superspreaders won't be well received, if at all.

I hope Dr. Boyle is wrong. I hope a lot of what you just said is wrong, and I'm sure you do too. We'll know a lot more in a month, after we see if it spreads in the West as it did in China, regarding it's racial specificity.

I've read that there isn't particularly significant difference between ACE2 expression in East Asians and Europeans, Africans or other ethnic groups. Perhaps that will turn out to be significant, or perhaps not. The study that claims Asians express ACE2 at higher levels than Europeans had only 8 subjects, and one of them was an Asian male. That's not enough data sources to make claims that entire races feature certain genetic differences IMHO.

Some really bad things I've read about this virus is that it attacks testes (which no reasonable man wants attacked), and also causes lymphopenia, a reduction in lymphocytes (our white blood cells that are the backbone of our immune system), similar to what HIV is claimed to do. Lymphopenia is a main symptom of AIDS. This virus appears to cause a form of AIDS, and it's extremely virulent, spreading up to 10 meters just by being exhaled, and not even sneezed or coughed out in droplets.

The problem vaccines for SARS cause is likely exactly the same mechanism that causes reinfections to be so lethal, and the lymphopenia may well allow such reinfections as there are fewer white blood cells to clean up the reinfection. Worse, it appears this virus can also use the CD4+ cells to reproduce in, just like HIV, so when the lymphocytes eat the virii, it's really just letting them in so they can make copies of themselves. These are scary claims, and I hope none of them are true.

Airborne AIDS is an existential threat to our species, and I want my kids to live, even if I'm done for.

I agree with you about the one study, however,
there is another infographic floating about in
the wild. I can't verify that it actually comes from
where it says it does, but Mike Adams recently
affirmed that he thinks because of the ACE-2,
it appears to be race-specific. I don't like the
idea of a race-specific bio-weapon, however,
if it is race-specific, it might mean less deaths.
The spooky part is, that it appears China had
the U.S. make it and ship it to them? I'll show
you the source data for this so you can make
of it what you will. It's all disturbing to me,
like watching a train wreck in slow-motion.

What rambling nonsense is this? You criticise the CCP for its "tyrannical" quanrantine and bemoan the US government for not instituting drastic enough quantantine. You criticise the WHO for not recommending disruption of global commerce and rant against global supply chain disruption due to "evil" CCP isloation and quarantine measures. Is your, and your ilk's, position to be against any and every state policies regardless of effectiveness or benefit? No sane government will institute a policy, on which the intent is mass evacuation of subjects into caves with emergency supply kits. Social collapse is not what rational humans consider to be an acceptable solution to the current crisis.

A fine broadside attack! Your mischaracterization of my recommendations to prepare for potential disruptions is cast as 'ranting against supply chain disruption'. Well played.

I have already pointed out that instead of instituting their draconian and violent quarantines when Li Wenliang first revealed the spreading outbreak, China did not, and instead put all their efforts into suppressing the information about it - that it's civilian population would have been able to act on to quarantine themselves, even if the CCP didn't quarantine the infected.

When they did institute quarantine, it was after millions had left the city for the holiday, and was so violent and oppressive that people also fled for their lives, that the quarantine would surely end. Welding the doors of whole apartment blocks shut is not something the residents of the apartments are likely to find beneficial, even if they don't get the virus through the air conditioning system, like the passengers on the Diamond Princess did. Not sure starvation is a preferable way to die than pneumonia.

Don't claim China instituted rational policies when it has done exactly what would most spread the epidemic at every possible chance, and the reacharound from the WHO is just disgusting.

Censorship of facts is deadly. Frightened civilians take action to secure themselves, although some of them will do the wrong things. Useful assistance in doing the right things would head a lot of that off, but that's too much to expect of the psychopaths parasitizing us through governmental vectors.

Edit: you mention social collapse is something governments will seek to avoid, yet we both see that happening presently in China. Maybe after the mass deaths by starvation of the quarantined, some sort of order will return, as happened in Europe after the Black Death killed ~1/3 of the population.

I am encouraged at least you are still alive.

Stay that way, my friend.

You claim that the epidemic is as serious as the Black Plague, yet in the same breath, assert that the ill-educated, over-emotional rabble will "quarantine themselves" rather than spread panic and disease all through China. I suppose the "free" people of Hong Kong are rioting to help the health crisis situation by shutting down healthcare facilities and spreading panic everywhere. Only if the model of Hong Kong zeroes could have been implemented throughout all Chinese cities, the epidemic would have been better controlled. Or perhaps the "free" people of S. Korea intentionally spreading the virus.
Or perhaps the rioters in Ukraine attempting to murder their own people whom they suspect of being ill. What nonsense. "Free" people wouldn't be able to organise themselves out of a wet paper bag.

The quantine measures are necessary to ensure compliance. The ignorant muck, when left to its own devises in a time of crisis, will eat themselves. The only method of beating reason and rational behavior into you precious low-born scum is the iron fist of government enforcement. The government, by necessity, must enact draconian measures because the muck will not, or can not, obey the rational behaviors demanded of them during crisis. That the average modern humanist, pampered in his soft lifestyle made possible by the social stability deriving from the policies of central government, is unable to understand the realities of ruling, gives further indication that the subjects ought to have little to no say in formulating sociopolitical policies.

Welding the doors of whole apartment blocks shut is not something the residents of the apartments are likely to find beneficial

It seems like you don't understand the concept of quarantine. Those trapped in the cruise ships, unable to dock anywhere, are also not benefiting from the "tyrannical" policies of Western nations. Those US citizens "evacuated" into 'Murican military bases are not benefitting from forced imprisonments. Ruling in a time of crisis means deciding which population lives and which population dies. Be thankful that it is your betters who are tasked with this responsibility and not you.


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