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In the last few years transcendental leaps in DNA technology have transformed our understanding of who we are, who we were, and where we come from. As fascinating as the work of Svante Paabo, David Reich, and Johannes Krause is, I want to talk about where we're going and who we're becoming.

The late lauded E.O. Wilson studied social insects, particularly ants, and reaped great insights from his studies of the myriad forms and social systems they undertake. He pointed out that all eusocial species share a common feature: they all make expensive nests where they share out food and rear young. Like people do.

But not Neanderthals. In the hundreds of millenia Neanderthals lived in Europe and Asia, they never built a hut. At least, not that we've found. When we diverged from Neanderthals ~500kya we probably didn't either.

Not long ago that changed. When Sapiens started making tents (which Neanderthals well could have. We'd be unlikely to find skin tents after at least 40kya) is unknown, but we've been living in huts since prior to the advent of agriculture ~15kya (and the end of the Younger Dryas), and building them in villages.

As far as we know, Neanderthals lived in family groups in natural caves, or slept outside. We are so evolved to build shelters having to sleep outside is probably a death sentence for many of us. Which brings up the fact that some of us are far less comfortable in cities than others.

We know Sapiens and Neanderthals hybridized, and Paabo et alia point out that ~3-7% of the current Sapien genome is Neanderthal, and that some of those particular genes are carried by as much of 60% of non-Africans, while most of the Neanderthal genome is far more randomly scattered about. The idea that some individuals have genomes that comprise far higher Neanderthal contribution overall is not discussed - even though, with ~7 billion of us now, it's almost mathematically impossible that such concentrations of Neanderthal genes don't exist.

But village living in huts is vastly different than living in natural caves in family groups. We see that Neanderthals were often inbred, and this may indicate that as Sapiens ingressed into their landscape, Neanderthals found it increasingly difficult to find mates. I am quite curious if Neanderthal women were hypersexual like Sapiens, or if they had a season like most vertebrates.

I digress. Sapiens were proto-eusocial, while Neanderthals appear not to have been. Whether hypersexual or not, our cousins have at least managed to get kissy with us a half dozen times or so, counting Denisovans and other subspecies. Sapiens clearly construct a very expensive nest where we share out food and rear our young, and increasingly perform specialized functions, which other hominins appear not to have done. This hybridization has resulted in our partial eusociality, or at least not promoted our transition to full eusociality.

Many social insects also have classes that perform specialized functions. Army ants have as many as 16 classes of individuals. Around ~7kya, tens of thousands of years since the last Neanderthals were gleams in their daddy's eyes, the hunter gatherers of Europe gave way to farmers. This appears to have been nearly a complete genetic replacement, with the hunter gatherer genes diminished comparably to Neanderthals today.

Both these evolutionary events greatly increased the eusociality of H. sapiens. The split from Neanderthals was the beginning of complex nesting behaviour. The end of nomadism was the beginning of the industrial revolution. Our nesting became orders of magnitude more complex, expensive, and integral to society.

A third mass influx of DNA into Europe came from the Yamnaya, whose invasion about ~5kya was apparently accompanied by another wholesale replacement of earlier genomes, although less completely (so far). This may have been the beginning of modern warfare, and the Bronze Age that followed certainly can be considered the age of war. War is a uniquely eusocial trait.

Today we are teetering on the precipice of new transitions. On the one hand, we can see deliberate husbandry directing our social behaviours. One that I note with great alarm is the ever increasing chemical castration of males. In two generations testosterone has decreased in the civilized world by more than half. Western men are almost completely transformed hormonally into infertile drones. A couple more decades will see that process far more complete. Another leap into eusociality by orders of magnitude will have occurred, and it will be accompanied by another genetic holocaust.

The fertile men will become like queen bees, deified and focusing the entire purpose of the hive to serve them and their breeding function. Since war began men have been disposable, and when men are reduced in number their value reproductively is relatively increased, and women are commoditized proportionately. The same will happen with reproductive scarcity through mass chemical castration, while the industrial productivity of the drones will still be useful to the hive, unlike with war.

Every institutional organ of global government is working together to make this transition into full eusociality. Agenda 2030 seems to be the timeframe for the beginning of the end.

However, there is another transformation ongoing: decentralization. Since the invention of the pointy stick, technology increased the power of the individual versus institutions - but institutions have easily overpowered individuals, and particularly more so as technology improves and larger institutions became possible.

A gang of a couple dozen Sapiens could rob a Neanderthal family at will. If a gang of only a couple dozen Sapiens tried to rob a family armed with commonly available weapons today, it would not be so easy. But, the gangs are bigger today.

As long as institutional power has increased faster than technology increased the relative power of individuals, institutions have enabled increasing domestication of Sapiens. Economic power has become highly focused in the hands of groups that also control media, industry, and politics, and this has enabled that group to undertake the transition to eusociality and deification I have outlined.

But this is impossible if means of production are highly decentralized, such that individuals and small groups no longer require the extraordinarily expensive nest. While cities are able to provide enormous benefits, they also bring existential risks, such as plague, war, starvation, and the mass chemical castration of all males.

Many species show that it is more beneficial to not be concentrated in hives, to not invest enormously in those social strategies, but to adopt other means. O. mykiss, Steelhead, reveal two strategies used by males to achieve reproductive success: go to sea and eat a lot of shrimp and squid while constantly dodging predators, or stay in the river and nibble on bugs pretty much ignored by predators.

Surviving sea run trout are big, fast, and starve their way upriver to the spawning grounds. Riverine males are much smaller, but survive to spawn at much higher rates.

When the run is on, the big males compete for the females, fighting viciously both each other, and the big bad world, every tail flick to the nesting redd. The little males idle behind handy rocks, waiting. When the females begin to deposit their eggs into the redds they have laboriously scooped from the spawning gravel, the little males dart in and cast their seed upon them, even as the large males do themselves.

The investment and risk the sea run trout take on is a lower return than that of the males that stay in their natal stream. The riverine can always go to sea next year too, after the big males all die from their terrible injuries and starvation. The huge investment in highly social behaviour is not necessary.

The technology to manufacture goods of every kind at every scale is being developed and distributed throughout the population today. Construction of homes, growing food, household items, clothes, tools, weapons, pharmaceuticals, and more are all necessary to our nesting behaviour, and have previously only been possible if you were in a nest; a city.

We are increasingly going off the grid, and making our own little shelters, and institutional submission is becoming less necessary to our quality of life. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

This new ability to have the benefits of expensive nests and the resources they provide without the existential risks and hardships of rigid social control is utterly contrary to deifying the Epsteins of the world, and eusociality.

Eusociality is not something we have acheived. It is not beneficial to the vast majority of humanity. Apart from the deified royalty, women will be commodities and men will be disposable. Our genomes will be eradicated, just as were Neanderthals, hunter gatherers, and the victims of the Yamnaya. We are being domesticated, and H. vulgaris is the mold we are being forced into.

Homo sapiens is a species half adapted to specific environments, which makes us adaptable to all. We are semi aquatic, semi eusocial, and semi intelligent (Cro Magnons who preceded us had brains ~25% larger than ours. Even Neanderthals had larger brains than modern Sapiens), which enables us to endure the human condition in many more conditions than were we fully terrestrial or aquatic, solitary or hive minded, geniuses or morons.

One more leap must be made by mankind, to fulfill our destiny, and we are unlikely to make that leap if we are transformed into a race of gormless drones: space diaspora. This is not the time to discard our options; to invest every penny in the deification of overlords, and abandon the wondrous variety of humanity that has managed to persist in our genomes through repeated genocide.

We will need all that variety in the vastness of the entire universe. We need decentralization in the ineffable environments that lay before us, and not only will we each and all suffer incalculable harm if we are transformed into gormless drones, but humanity, and life itself will lose uncountable opportunities to prosper where massive hives of infertile slaves and hypersexual gods never will.

Scarface pointed out that a man only has two things in this world: his word and his balls. See to your balls, that your ancestor's promise is kept to your progeny.


The sterilization of man is a calculated plan. By prescribing all women birth control (whether the need or or not), it is released into the water supply. Our tertiary water treatment facilities have no way of filtering women hormones from the drinking water. Effecting everyone but drastically killing off testosterone in men. I have enjoyed living at a time where humanity is at its weakest. I had my pick of mates, got every job I wanted, and retired at age 30. The men of today quit at the first difficulty and shrug any challenge or responsibility. I will raise my son and two daughters to do the same as me and not be weak degenerates. When you look at population ecology you can see the 50/500 rule. Populations under 50 are ruined by inbreeding and populations over 500 are ruined by outbreeding. Over 500 and your population loses the ability to adapt quickly and are easily wiped out when something nasty comes along

Yeah men, but as you said here

The men of today quit at the first difficulty and shrug any challenge or responsibility. I will raise my son and two daughters to do the same as me and not be weak degenerates.

This is perhaps more a psychological problem then caused by testosteron lack.

I definitly agree with you, that this is in general a softer generation, but "fighter personalities" are still there.

can I somehow filter my own water?

Plastic is a primary source of pseudoestrogens. All those water bottles that advertise they are BPA free? They almost all contain - and ooze - chemicals as bad and worse than BPA. Our water lines are made of plastic. Our food is wrapped in plastic. We cook on plastic coated pans, stir the food with plastic spatulas, and eat and drink from plastic utensils. Our homes are comprised and glued together from pseudoestrogen oozing chemicals. That new car smell is almost pure castration, the scent of sublimating plastics from all the interior parts of the car.

Any filtering system needs to be in our mouth, and may need to prevent chemicals from simply oozing through our skin, as well as our lungs and stomach.

It is critically important that we do find a way to prevent pseudoestrogens from acting in our bodies to reduce testosterone, and a water filter isn't going to do that.

Either we protect our sexual behaviour, or we fail to preserve our humanity. Reproduction is necessary, and our reproductive ability is being eliminated to create a reproductive class of fertile men that will act like queen bees or ants, and replace the reproductive capacity of individuals not in the class. This is peak eusociality, and we are already largely eusocial, which is a tendency to sacrifice personal benefits for societal ones. Folks that exhibit this tendency most are what we would call sheeple, who have little or no interest in challenging their chosen ingroup but absorb propaganda and such social controls without question.

We are outnumbered by them, and they are wielded like rapiers by psychopaths. We mustangs will need to first protect our ability to reproduce - or we will be replaced - and then to seize the means of production that are creating the ability to provide our quality of life without being dependent on institutions.

We do that, we win, and humanity avoids becoming herds of gormless drones serving their Epsteinien gods.

Right, Phthalates, bisphenol A.

I only drink spring water, it doesn't even cost money where I live. The Germans don´t use it, they think its low prestige and dirty to get water from a spring.

but also glucose in the highly processed foods is killing free testo to castrated levels in healthy adult males.

Tried many things for performance purpose (powerlifting) Zink, Androgenic Phytohormones like Fenugreek, DAA, Ashwa to counter cortisol, D3, Melatonin + blue light filter to increase sleep quality but nothing compared to nasal Testo.

Good info on means of countering pseudoestrogens.


wie läuft das bei dir genau mit der Wasserquelle?
Bei uns stehen auf den meisten guten Wasserquellen irgendwelche Getränkefirmen..
ist nasal testo was ich denke dass es ist?

Wenn ich denke was du denkst was es ist...nein ^^ Einfach nur Testosteron als Molekül welches via Nasenspray durch die Bluthirnschranke kommt. Hat somit nur einen Effekt auf das Gehirn und nicht als Anabolikum, wird als Kickstarter für die Eigenproduktion genutzt da, die Hypophyse mit den Hoden verbunden ist. Im Sport wird es für die psychoaktiven Effekte des Testo misbraucht. Sage doch nciht nein wenn einer sowas in seiner Männerhandtasche hat.

In Wolfsburg gibts etliche Quellen die an unscheinbaren Hähnen angeschlossen sind. Sogar an der Straße. Die Italiener die mit meinem Vater zum Werk fahren haben immer Wasser geholt irgendwann haben wir es auch mal probiert. Gibt etliche Wanderwege nur um das Thema Heilquellen. Manche Wässer sind Mangan und Eisenhaltig andere sehr Calcium haltig. Muss man halt immer rotieren. Gibt auch Kneip-Becken, da pumpt man das Ding voll und kann die Beine reinstellen. Nutzt keine Sau mehr. Genau wie mit dem Obst, Menschen sind erstaunt dass es Fallobstwiesen gibt die den Bürgern offen stehen WTF...Das mit den Wasserwerken ist scheiße. Gibt ja auch leider kaum Karten was das angeht.

Wenn ich denke was du denkst was es ist...nein ^^ Einfach nur Testosteron als Molekül welches via Nasenspray durch die Bluthirnschranke kommt.

XD "einfach nur" - das war ganz genau was ich mir gedacht habe- ^^
Woher bekommt Mann denn solch Testo Moleküle?

Man bräuchte ne Karte für Quellen und Fallobstfelder :D

stimmt so eine Karte für Selbstversorger.

Testosteron Propionat in Europe only available as creme/gel for topical application on skin (which has a way worse effect-profile) but the nasal form is only approved in the USA, what we get here is mostly homebrew stuff

If plant-based stuff was not that expensive or growing was not that hard I would go for a plant based stack.

but also glucose in the highly processed foods is killing free testo to castrated levels in healthy adult males.

why glucose in processed food?
So honey etc is not bad for testo levels?

I only drink spring water, it doesn't even cost money where I live.


Glucose ingestion was associated with a 25% decrease in mean T levels (delta = -4·2 ± 0·3 nm, P < 0·0001). T levels remained suppressed at 120 min compared with baseline (13·7 ± 0·6 vs 16·5 ± 0·7 nm, P < 0·0001) and did not differ across GT or BMI. Of the 66 men with normal T levels at baseline, 10 (15%) had levels that decreased to the hypogonadal range (<9·7 nm) at one or more time points. SHBG, LH and cortisol levels were unchanged.

*hypogonadal means castrate levels. It was pure Glucose as we find in Cola, Sweets, Fastfood and stuff like this. Normal Sugar is a di-sacharid glucose+fructose and honey is mostly fructose yes. Fructose is not fast acting. Paper. They used 75g (which is high but achievable for fast and junkfood eaters) but when you do high intensive training your metabolism is altered anyways.

Best bet would be to have your own well. Otherwise, Im not really sure... one way is to make sure you are eating protein, no sugar, and no estrogen containing products (Ice cream etc) working out is also a great way to produce testosterone. But the absolute #1 is no porn!!! Hardest but most effective.

yea I'm trying nofap - now I really know where the big balls talking comes from.. :D
I'm eating as much protein and fat as I can, cuz Ima hardgainer and my keto works since I can remember
but my problem is my chronic pain since my shoulder injury..
cuz of this I had a time where I couldnt move at all.. and now workout is still not fun.. :(

I made it a month on monk mode then when to soft mode for a few months. Then I relapsed hard and but it’s so not worth it. Back to soft mode (I am married) and it feels great.

pls explain deeper

Monk mode in abstinence from everything. Soft mode is just no porn.

for going outdoor surely great! :) do you also have a stationary recommendation?

Not really
Here is an overview:

okay - best would be to filter the own groundwater :D


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woah thanks

Dumps out his soy latte.

!giphy latte

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I do not believe in evolution as a Korean Protestant. I don't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution.

Darwinian evolution isn't the whole story. It's pretty easy to prove that Darwinian evolutionary mechanisms do work by breeding animals or plants in a laboratory setting. It's far more difficult, perhaps impossible, to show that Darwinian evolution is how speciation occurs in the real world.

www.macroevolution.net, the website of Dr. Eugene McCarthy who wrote 'The Handbook of Avian Hybrids', considered the bible in it's field, proposes that hybridization is the primary mechanism causing speciation, and this far better matches the fossil record than incremental Darwinian mechanisms.

However, I don't think you would find Stability Theory, McCarthy's proposal, at all preferable to the standard Darwinian model. I suspect that many adherents to Abrahamic religious traditions refuse to consider any mechanism that isn't direct miraculous creation by God.

All I can say to encourage you to consider non-miraculous mechanisms is to point out that the Bible does not detail the mechanism God used to create life. I recall reading that God created Adam from the dust of the Earth, and how He did this is not particularly described. Given that every scientific theory of the origin of life necessarily begins from that dust, I don't see how any of them contradict Biblical text.

The Genesis story is a very brief synopsis of the origin of life, and contains zero details as to specific actions and tools God may have used to create the universe. Believing some guy who claims that God didn't do this, or must have done it that way, isn't biblical at all, and the actual Bibical and earlier Genetic accounts leave plenty of room for speculation on how He created the things He created.

Evolution in some form or another certainly does happen today, and anyone with a sunny windowsill can prove this themselves. I think claiming God didn't use the mechanisms He created that are operating today when He did stuff a long time ago has no reasonable basis in fact.

Perhaps having faith in God is not an impediment to considering how God does things. Having faith in ordinary people who claim to know more about God then we do sure is.

You can prove evolution does happen by growing peas on your windowsill. This does not mean God did or didn't create peas. Maybe it shows how God created peas.


I have to study English a lot. Thank you for your kind reply.

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