Cliff High on Current Pandemic

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I have not followed Cliff, because I am not a crypto guy, so was unaware of his recent investigations into SARS2 and the current pandemic. This video presents some information I have not independently confirmed, but that reveals strongly rational consideration of the issue based on independent research.

Due to the potential for this information to benefit folks, I here present this video for your consideration. It is necessary that we keep in mind the incessant propaganda and misinformation we are being fed, and consider that Cliff certainly has an excellent mind and highly valuable sources. Do what you can to confirm or refute any claims herein, as I am incapable of verifying or refuting them myself.

Thanks to @builderofcastles for bringing this to my attention. It is a benefit you have granted without cost, that may be beyond price. Thank you.


Also, what he's saying about how antibodies work isn't quite right. When I worked in a lab developing vaccines, I observed a common methodology was to present multiple antigens to the body to try to generate immunoproliferation against an antigen that the body refused to mount an immune response to on its own.

For example, we were working on a vaccine for dental caries, or cavities, caused by Streptococcus mutans. The compound that was being tested was a chimera of one of the non-toxic subunits of cholera toxin paired with what they call AgI/II surface protein from S. mutans. The theory there is that cholera toxin is immunoproliferative, so presenting it to the body paired with AgI/II should hopefully generate antibodies to S. mutans without cholera toxin present, thus curing people of cavities using the body's own immune system.

This is also how an adjuvant works, which I believe is used in all vaccines. You inject the adjuvant, which typically causes some sort of inflammation response or immunoproliferative response, in the same concoction that is used to present your vaccine, and so it primes the body to attack it, generating memory for that antigen.

We were working with mice, and I don't know where the research went after I left, but I do know that it's a common strategy for vaccine development, or at least it was a decade and a half ago. What this means is that if you were to create a virus with 3 different antigens like he says, the body would have an even stronger immunoproliferative reaction to all of the antigens, not the other way around. An antibody won't pick which thing it will stick to. It's pure chance, and it's just as likely to be specific for parts of two antigens as it is to be specific to just one. That's why the above vaccine strategy works in generating immuno memory.

I agree, and it's possible he may overestimate the variety of mechanisms the virus deploys, but the potential for a vaccine is limited by all previous SARS dead or attenuated virus vaccines causing higher morbidity and mortality, rather than immunity.

I had hoped that SARS vaccine trials, and possibly wider vaccination, explained the far higher infection impact in China, but the recent exponential growth in Italy, Iran, and soon everywhere, belies that hope. Other forms of vaccine remain possible, and DRACO yet may offer a cure.

Nothing is presently being manufactured that might prevent or cure this disease, and that's the situation we should anticipate continuing for the foreseeable future.

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I really like what he has to say at around 36 minutes in. I also wanted to add that the end seemed genuine. He's able to tap into information with his software that most of us aren't privy to, and he's for real scared of this thing.

I know how it feels to wish you weren't right.

I am sure we all hope he isn't right.

But, I'm going to act as if he is.

Clif High is one of two people i know who was
"talking to doctors in China back in January."

In later videos he speaks of how he has lost contact with all his contacts in China.

Clif never speaks of what they are saying in the MSM.
So, his information is incredibly prescient, incredibly accurate, and incredibly real.... but, in his words, he could be wrong, think for yourself.

I would take everything Clif says with a grain of salt. He is quite superstitious and it clouds his judgement sometimes. I followed him for a while due to his crypto projections but stopped when he started talking about aliens being found in Antarctica. He pointed out a mountain poking out of the plain claiming that it couldn't be natural and that it was a pyramid built by aliens (this is all on Twitter btw). I looked at the map and found that it was an underwater mountain with only the crest sticking out and that the plain in question was just ice. When I presented the evidence he doubled down on his assertion. I was kind of on the fence about him before that but decided to stop listening to him when he did that. Seems like a bit of a kook to me.

That said, he still has a lot of good things to say and he's very intelligent. I just find it to be a chore having to sift through and vet everything someone says. The above example isn't the only one, it's just the most glaring that I encountered personally. There's also the time he predicted $100k BTC by the end of 2018 (around the new year that year) using his proprietary software and then kind of disappeared from the discourse on that for a while after crypto wholesale tanked in the following months.

As I haven't followed him, I was unaware of any of that. Does seem kooky, but while he's eccentric on this video, and I agree completely that the specifics of his speculations need to be verified before relying on them, his reflections on them seem highly rational and potentially useful.

It's clear that it will require extraordinary steps to keep from catching SARS2, and there are disturbing reports of a wide variety of exacerbating and extended mechanisms of attack this virus exhibits, and this strongly lends support to the theory that this virus is a bioweapon, or at least has been bioengineered via gain of function research.

All of that gives credence to his alarm and dismay. He may be kooky but I have no doubt he's thought long and hard on this, and is sincere. I am responsible enough to verify alarming claims before acting on them. On the other hand, I sure as hell want to be alarmed early rather than late, and this seems like damn good reason for alarm.

Amen to that.

It’s so hard to separate the wheat from the chaff with Clif. He’s can say something intelligent and insightful and 30 seconds later go full-gonzo whackjob.

Dumbest headline I’ve seen today:
Coronavirus outbreak may have unleashed panic buying of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs

Cliff is funny to claim that there are aliens.
There are no aliens in the Bible, and Cliff believes in aliens, perhaps he is a Scientology believer.
His thoughts are interesting but fit into fantasy fiction.
It is possible that the corona virus was developed as a biological weapon.

A European said that there are many mentally ill people in the United States. Cliff's thoughts seem abnormal to a Christian like me. However, there are many researchers like Cliff because the United States is a free country, allowing freedom of thought and action for individuals. Cliff has a heresy charm. Isn't he the famous reptilian in America? That thought made me laugh out loud.

I will agree with your thoughts here, except to point out that the definitions of 'aliens' and 'angels' are not mutually exclusive. Personally, I have yet to understand definitive evidence of them, and await such evidence before I make claims either way.

Other than this video, I know little of Cliff High. The fact is that every human being is incapable of rationally understanding the universe. Our brains, presumably the physical mechanism that enables understanding, are far too limited in capability to do so. Accordingly, every single person on Earth is wrong about reality. We all appear to be wrong in different ways, and so we argue about who is wrong about what, but the fact is we are ALL wrong equally.

Reptilians are funny ideas.

This video doesn't mention them, and therefore they aren't relevant to it.

You have not addressed the points made in the video, which are regarding the current pandemic overtaking the world. Regardless of other considerations, those are the points for which I posted this video.

Do you have any comments regarding those points?

My American senior. Please understand that I am not good at English. I speak English at the elementary school level in the United States. As you say, I don't know the topic of Cliff's conversation.
In Korea, many people take the contents of researchers like Cliff and publicize it as if it is true.

The world is full of fake news and information, but I don't know what to believe. As you say, I would have to separate the wheat from the chaff, but I still lack power.

Looking at your writing, I am learning how to share wheat and chaff.

Understood. You're doing great.

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