Living with the person you love

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Living with the person you love is not what everyone thinks it is.
You don't get up early in the morning to have breakfast together in bed. It is not snuggling in bed together until we sleep peacefully every night. It is not always to have the house clean and the perfect food freshly made every day.

To live with the person you love is to argue for simple things, such as who forgot to take out the garbage ..., is to fall asleep because the day has been hard and you are exhausted ..., it is to discuss financial matters, it is someone who removes your sheets when you sleep and wake up from the cold ..., argue and jump for nothing, just for tiredness,


Pero a pesar de todo, todos los días esperas ver a esa persona con muchas ganas o te vas a casa todos los días para encontrarte con esa misma persona que sabes que te ama y se preocupa por ti.

Te ríes en el momento en que accidentalmente hizo algo gracioso, es imitarse el uno al otro, es preparar la cena juntos mientras hablamos y hacer que sea más fácil de llevar porque ambos tuvimos un día complicado.

Es vivir una crisis emocional y tener a alguien que con amor se sienta a tu lado y te abraza y te dice que todo estará bien, que todo irá bien... y tú lo crees.

Es amar a esa misma persona incluso cuando te vuelve jodidamente loco y te saca de tus casillas.

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To live with the person you love is to argue for trivialities, silly and constant ... but it is also to have a love that many people spend their lives looking for. Or that many times they tried to take you away, but that love was stronger

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It is not perfect and it is very difficult to keep it balanced every day, but it is wonderful and the best you can experience, because if it were easy, what a shame if it was easy, because then, it would not be worth it.


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The nice part about this is, after 40 years, you realize how silly it is to argue about the little things. Time is precious. Not a lot left :) and so you value the moments more. I'm glad you live with someone you love. Lucky lady.

Thank you very much for your comment, it has not been easy at all, but life is like that, and as time goes by you realize that it is not worth it to disagree, we simply have to live, and be happy with much or little.