The most important scarce resource

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I never thought that I would ever find myself in such a difficult situation due to the lack of one of the most precious resources that exist.
And no, I am not referring to material resources or money ...
Working, meeting with the lawyer, requesting bank documents, cooking, taking care of your relatives, studying, trading, going for a run, eating...

Since I returned from Christmas holidays, my life has become a bit complicated in certain aspects...problems appear sometimes without warning.
Fortunately, we have good health and everything has a solution, but it requires from that important resource that lately is scarce in my "Life wallet"...

It is the most important finite, non-storable, perishable and inexorable resource available to individuals to achieve our goals. It is a resource because we can use it to achieve objectives. It is a finite resource because it runs out.

Source:"Time" by Alan Cleaver is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It's funny how, the older you get, the more you need it.

Sorry for my unusual absence lately.

I have so many things to do and so little time... but I'm still here.

Keep on running!



Take your time! Indeed, you are not alone on this. A lot of my friends, me included, have the same feeling that since the start of the year everything is somehow overwhelming. A lot to do and a lot less time.

Hope for you that this challenging period will be soon over so that you can enjoy the little things like posting in here more. :)

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Indeed I had a bad start of the year, thanks for your kind words

@toofasteddie, When we get older and older we have to deal with so many things plus responsibilities, inturn this phase of life creates a environment where we feel lack of time. Stay blessed.

That’s true, thanks


A mi con 24 o 48H mas que tubiera el dia seria suficiente. Pero eso esta bien, quiere decir que uno tiene ideas en la cabeza que ademas intenta desarollar, que sabe que hacer con su vida, o que es util y necesario para otras personas. El sentido de la vida es compartirla, y talvez tambien la respuesta sea "el que tu le des", asi que a ello estamos🤟

Teniendo hijos eso a veces es un poco mas difícil pero, en general, estoy de acuerdo

If I could transfer you some I would, I have so much of this resource...

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Hahaha! Thanks mate!