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RE: Diamond Princess Infection Control Procedures 'Completely Chaotic' - Infection Control Specialist Overridden by Bureaucrats

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This is a great rundown. I wish I had read this before I made my video, because I covered the Diamond Princess and the doc today, in part. I think that this is just a mess, and really does show us - that whatever the WHO is doing, they are the equivalent now to a lame duck, whose recommendation - and I have no doubt Japan consulted with them heavily - are pretty much useless. I could overlook that, given the situation being so fluid, if it was not for the fact they are open authoritarians and pro mass censorship - and deranged to think that is their job - I get the fact that managing panic is one thing, but the prior shows how incompetent they are at that, and how archaic their methods are - they should be instilling trust and leadership, by showing trust and leadership - but they go on the campaign trail to tell Facebook, google and the same bunch of brown coats to break more doors down., the sad fact is, the Diamond princess has shown that the WHO, "and their three weeks to land in China, and not even be able to visit the hotspot", that they are just lame ducks. Great post!


I'm glad you covered this. My video source is taken down, and I note yours is still up. Do you have a copy or source of the video? My post is broken without the video in which the infectious disease specialist himself details the facts I discuss.

I absolutely agree with you about the WHO, but I confess I am more cynical. I don't think their bosses would pay complete morons to utterly fail at doing the job. I think they're acting like morons so they fail to provide us good counsel to keep us safe from these illnesses, because that's what they're paid to do. They're not paid to keep us safe. They're paid to not keep us safe, and that's why they're still being paid while we are not safe.

If I was their boss and I wanted to hire people to keep us safe, I'd have never hired them, and I'd fire them immediately and hire someone competent. I don't think rich people get rich because they're stupid and incompetent, and rich people are the bosses of the WHO. All the rich people I've met (well, richer than ordinary people, not as rich as the bosses of the WHO) are damn smart. All of the scumbags that work in politics and the courts I've tangled with are damn smart too. They're total scumbags, and they'd steal the air if they could get it in a bag, so they'd totally steal all the money super rich people have if rich people weren't smarter than them.

The WHO is paid by really smart super rich people to act completely incompetent so that we won't realize they're malevolent, and not keeping us safe on purpose, and their bosses are paying them to do exactly that.

They're lying to us, and that's why we don't believe them, and go look for information from sources that aren't lying to us. Then the WHO censors us. They're not censoring us to keep us safe from liars - they're the liars! They're censoring us to keep us from finding out the truth, and protecting ourselves from the illness they're trying to get us sick with by lying to us about it, and keeping planes flying, borders open, and people out of quarantine when they're shedding virus.

They're not stupid and incompetent. They're evil and murderous, and they're lying to us on purpose so that we won't survive. That's the only reason they've been hired to do the job, and the only reason they haven't been fired for doing such a shitty job of keeping us safe from pandemic.

The people paying them are getting what they want, and we know that because they're still paying them. They wouldn't pay them if they weren't doing the job well. You ever have a boss that paid you to do crappy work? What did your boss do when you did crappy work? He fired you.

The WHO hasn't been fired. They're doing this on purpose, and that's what they're paid to do. They're not incompetent bumbling morons that somehow the megawealthy are too stupid to not pay to run the WHO. That's insane. They're extremely competent at dissembling and appearing to be trying and failing, in order to lie to us and keep us from protecting ourselves from contagion, so that we'll die. That's what they're doing, and that's what they're getting paid by really smart really rich people to do.