Taking a moment to remember...

in #life9 months ago


The events of 9/11 are with me forever.

Some of us knew people in the towers. Some of us knew people that have since died of cancers caused by the dust. Some of us didn't know anyone there, but still feel for those who were impacted directly.

Doesn't much matter why you remember, just that we do.

Life can be snatched from us in a moment. Live it to the fullest each day. Tell your family that you love them each and every day.

Take a moment today and pause your regular schedule and remember. Remember the way you felt in that moment. Remember where you were at that moment. Remember how in that moment we were all just people...no colors mattered nor did political affiliations matter. "We the People" for a moment in time actually was inclusive of all People.

That feeling is the one we as a Nation need to capture again. We shouldn't need a catastrophic event to come together.