Rest In Peace, Your Legacy Lives On!

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Last night we got word that we lost one of the good ones. My Grandfather was 93 years young and made it just past my Grandmother's 90th birthday. They were together for 70 years (married for 68) and had 7 Children (one who past as an infant) together.

I remember at his 90th Birthday party him saying "can you believe it, this all started with your Grandma and I. Look at this room full of smart, healthy, good looking people."

He was so proud of his family. As we would sit around having coffee or out to dinner over the last few years, Grandpa would never miss an opportunity to talk about different family members and brag about them.

Today I just want to brag about you Grandpa.

You were a great man that helped teach an entire family a strong work ethic. Our family as whole down to the Grandkids who spent so much time with you are hard workers that understand if you want something you need to work for it.

You showed us that while there are ups and downs you keep working at it and a marriage can last a lifetime.

Your sense of humor made us laugh at times we needed a laugh. At the very least made us laugh at how bad your joke was.

Your willingness to be blunt allowed you to tell us when we were being a dumb ass. Sure a few of us got this side more then others, but clearly it worked.

Your compassion showed all the way until the last time you could talk as you were so worried about Grandma and making sure you got to talk to her otherwise she would be worried. You weren't worried about yourself, but that Grandma would be ok and taken care of. I'm pretty sure the last few years you lived purely to take care of Grandma

Your ability to stay patient while teaching was amazing. Even to a 16 year old with limited skills who you let work with you over the summer on the house you were building. You'd put me to work and let me run with the projects you assigned me to either do it right, or have to do it all over again to get it right. Then I'd find you "thinking" once I was done...nobody could nap like

Maybe above all, you had the ability to show a different side of you to different people. It was always you, but those that needed more compassion got the compassion, those that needed you to keep things light got your humor, and those who needed direction got your advice and bluntness.

You are part of all of us. Your legacy is what you were so so proud of, the family you leave behind..

(He passed on June 30th, this was written on July 1st...but I've been a little down about the whole thing)


Thank you for sharing this with us. It's refreshing to see examples of what can be when folks honor themselves and others close to them. The foundations upon which such success stories are able to grow from.

I'm sorry for your loss, especially your grandma. I can't imagine losing a companion of that long, and hope the rest of you can somehow help her fill that void as best as possible.

May the longevity in relationships and life they possessed bless all of you and yours.

There is little debate in my mind that nature doesn't control the path that a person will follow in life. We are the sum of those we choose to surround ourselves with. I'm lucky that over the years I got to spend enough time with My Grandparents that they are part of every decision I make.

My Grandmother had to be moved into a memory care facility after this. It's a horrific situation for anyone to get dementia. Seriously one of the worst things that can happen to someone.

Due to the dementia she has had to relive the pain of learning her husband is dead multiple times. We all are doing our part to try and keep her busy. Spoke with her on the phone today. Sadly right now due to the Covid thing they aren't allowing anyone in the facility, so we can't visit.

Thank you for your kind words.

That was emotional and sweet, I hope your grandpa is resting in peace right now.

I'm sorry for your loss. It seems he was a wonderful man.
Stay strong.

He really was. Only can hope to be remembered as fondly by my loved ones and friends as he will be.

Sorry for your loss. It is such a strange feeling when we lose one of the older members of our family. It really brings home that things are not unchangeable as we thought when we were younger but change is the normal way of things.

At least take comfort in the fact that you knew your grandparents, not everyone had that chance!

Not only did I get to know them, but my Kids got to know their Grandparents, which is crazy. They had 5 Great Grandparents as of the middle of last year. They have now lost 3 in about 9 months, but still have 2 left. My kids have friends who have lost their Grandparents and even a couple that have lost a parent, very very few have even 1 great grandparent.

I've said for years this is a blessing, but knew that we'd have a lot of loss to deal with over a short period of time as they all kept getting older.

My deepest sympathies to you and your family! 🌼🌼🙏🙏

Thank you!

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