HELP! Skunk Sprayed INTO the to get rid of smell?

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I need some help!

All of a sudden the nasty smell of skunk overtook our home a couple hours ago. We had a fan in the window and he spray right outside the window. The smell is overpowering!!

It's bad enough that we have to deal with this, but tomorrow we will have a house full of 10 year old girls as we host a sleepover. Can just hear them complaining all night long about the smell.

This isn't like any of the previous times when a skunk sprays outside and it smells a little for a little while and then goes away. This is more along the lines of when the dog got sprayed last year and I made the mistake of bringing him straight inside to wash him in the bathroom. The house smelled for weeks, but it wasn't even this bad. This was a direct hit into the window and fan blew it all over the house.

So we have tried Lysol, have a candle going, and opening up the windows again with fans but that oily spray clearly got into the house due to the fan. Any ideas on how to neutralize the smell or the best way to reduce it at least?

Using the #homesteading tag because I'm hoping maybe someone in that group might have some ideas for me.


You could try calling one of the car detail shops and ask what product they us to get rid of odors in automobiles. You have to be careful with the chemical deodorizers though, they can cause other problems like headaches.

I am pretty sensitive to chemical deodorizers so that probably isn't the best idea for me. But I bet someone like that would have a solution if the chemicals didn't bother me. Now 5 hours later it still smells horrible in the house...and I'm guessing it's just the way it will be tomorrow no mater what.

Yeah, the head aches from the chems, I know that well, and is why I mentioned it. I don't think there is enough baking soda to take care of skunk smell in the whole world, but maybe try opening a box in one of the rooms and see if it helps. I know an open box in the refrigerator helps control smell in there, and a box next to the kitty litter pans helps control that odor, but skunk, not so sure about it.

We actually put some baking powder straight onto the carpet and been letting it sit for a couple hours. Hoping that will help a little. My Wife came up with that idea that idea when she woke up. Figured it can't hurt to try.

Nope, anything to get rid of the smell at times. Hope it airs out soon for all of you.

I've been sprayed one time but that took a laundry cycle, a hot shower, and still needed a bit of eau de toilet. But for the house I don't know of any quick fixes another than lighting all my scented candle collection.

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You got sprayed directly...oh that had to be horrible. Just washing the dog when he got sprayed was enough that my hands smelled bad for days. Just an FYI the spray is an oil so use dawn dish drops if you personally ever get sprayed again (or some other dish soap that breaks up grease) and it does wonders. Figured that out after a couple days.

Happened right after dark moving the Composting and Recycling bins to the curb, "Why hello little're not a little kitty...little striped Cat Foo foo!" Where's the Mommy Foo foo? Too late.

Oh that reminds me of when I was a kid. Our neighbors had 2 black cats and one was an escape artist. We were constantly chasing it down.

It was at night and I saw the cat round the corner so I ran across the street to go catch it. I rounded the corner and realized just in time it wasn't the cat, but rather a skunk.

Felt like I was in a cartoon when they move their feet so fast the ground under them moves, but they go nowhere. I stopped and took off the other way as fast as possible. Luckily I didn't get sprayed.

I put out some bowls with vinegar now. Hopefully that will help speed things up. Thanks for the link.

you're welcome :)

Ouch sounds smelly! Can imagine how the girls would react to that. Or euhm maybe not, we only have boys!
We had a sleepover last Friday for the oldest his birthday! (11 years now)
So, good luck with that this evening!


I'm only girls so have the other set of issues then you deal Mine are 13 (soon 14) and just turned 10.

Oh I wish I could help u 😂 but I know nothing really about them, I've never seen a wild one or smelled one before hehe but I hear it bad lmao.. I can tell u one thing lol they cute are cute little stinkers 😂💜

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You are lucky to have never smelled them. It's a nasty smell.

They are scavengers and around here (Chicago area) they are prolific. They love bird feeders and trash. And in my neighborhood they love my crazy neighbor across the street who puts out unshelled peanuts for the squirrels and has multiple bird feeders. There is always food on her lawn for them and every night they wander over to her house and have a feast.

Now I will say they are kind of cute as an animal, but that doesn't offset my hatred of

How would u describe the smell? Ive heard its like greed weed? Others say its worse then cat pee haha

oh there is nothing like honestly. It burns your eyes and sinuses. The smell is very distinct and way worse then cat pee. I'd say take your weed smell and add in sulfur and you might be getting close to the smell.

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