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RE: Russian History of WWII and it's Continuing Relevance According to Vladimir Putin on Freedom Day

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A fellow Putin Fan.


Dunno that I can call myself a fan, but I am sure 'mirin his competence. Were I not so averse to the concept of 'fan' I prolly wouldn't hesitate to be a Putin fan, since I also resonate with many of his social policies. I do not approve of those that disable civilians from increasing their power versus institutions, and note that Putin's power is maintained through institutions, so feel this is almost unavoidable.

I try to steer clear of "admiring" any specific individual.

Every person has "admirable" "qualities" as well as "repulsive" "qualities".

I try to avoid all matters of "identity" in order to avoid the ad hominem fallacy (both positive and negative) and the closely related appeal-to-authority and appeal-to-popularity.