Everyone Deserves A Chance To Prove Their Worth... Endeavor, I'm Cheering For You!

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I just finished watching the latest episode of Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 and I was really moved to tears.



In the previous season, All Might, the symbol of peace and number one hero, finally retired. It can't be helped since he has handed down his power/quirk to Midoriya... and aside from that, he hasn't been in great condition since his battle with All for One.

Since the number one hero spot was vacated, then number two hero, Endeavor, took the spot.


I have never been a fan of Endeavor. I thought he is more of a villain than a hero. I hated the fact that he wasn't a good husband and father. Todoroki, his son, suffered a lot because of him. And I thought, he doesn't deserve the number one spot as a hero.

However, my opinion completely changed after watching the final episode. Kindly watch the clip below.


I was crying while watching the few final scenes. I realized that there will always be a person who will find goodness in another person, just like the fanboy who thought he was cool. He put his trust in Endeavor when everyone else has already given up.

Prior to the scenes shown in the video, there was a part when his wife told Todoroki's siblings that Endeavor hasn't given up on her and has visited multiple times. Though he didn't show himself, he left her her favorite flower every time.

Also, a few episodes before this, Endeavor had a serious talk with his son, Todoroki. He wanted his son to acknowledge him. And while he was kind of overheating during the battle, there was a line when he said, "That's why, I wanted you to..." and there were some flashback from the first couple seasons. And through that, I suppose he wanted Todoroki to learn both hot and cold quirks to balance himself out... not to freeze or overheat.

I realized how great of a hero and a person he is. He's just not good with words.


It's the same in real life. We should give everyone a second chance... but a third one might be another story?! lol

It's crazy how people easily see the bad things or mistakes that we did, but find it hard to see the good we have done. All I want to say is that, let's give everyone a chance and try to get to know someone before judging them. Who knows? There might be a story behind his/her own actions.

I can't wait to watch season five. I'm excited to know what's yet to come. Of course, I can read the manga version if I want to, but... let me be patient. haha

I'll end here. Thanks for reading! See you around and keep safe!


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Tears of awesomeness came out as well. He was SOOOOOOOOOO amazing, for someone that only follows the anime and has never touched the manga, seeing a more human side of Endevour and actually watching him fight was amazing!

Right??? OMG! I'm so happy you feel the same!!! I couldn't stop my tears earlier... He's such an awesome guy... and to see his human side was indeed moving. <3

I was hoping for this to happen!!!
it was a great episode. I can’t wait for the new season!

Sis!!!! It was an amazing episode indeed. <3 Yep... Let's all look forward to watching it. ^^

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That would be awesome... Please do notify me when it happens! I'm excited to share more anime-related posts here!!