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RE: Diamond Princess Infection Control Procedures 'Completely Chaotic' - Infection Control Specialist Overridden by Bureaucrats

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Bureaucrats, rather than infectious disease prevention professionals, implementing whatever quarantine procedures they saw fit on the Diamond Princess

Those bureaucrats did the proper protocol when it came to that ship. They quarantined everyone to's a sad but true reality when is comes to viruses on ships by the time it's discovered it's way to late. Why people even get on those ships is beyond me, they are notoriously known for the ill health effects if a virus comes aboard. You don't tell anyone here that those in below board cabins are all breathing in recirculated air from the same system. Japan was just suppose to let everyone disembark? World governments were just suppose to send planes to get these people without proper procedures and protocols in place to take these people? There was one couple who refused to the leave the ship, they had a luxury room above board, had plenty of fresh air, had a deck they could go sit out on everyday, they said there was no way there were going to get on a plane full of people they had no idea if they were sick along with the ones who had been diagnosis-ed as sick and breathe in recirculated air.

All, or nearly all, of deaths outside China appear to be Chinese expats or tourists, which raises the possibility that it is prior vaccination only China has undertaken for SARS that may be causing the pathogenicity observed in China, but not elsewhere.

What about the forty thousand people who have survived? You continually ignore that this is not a typical influenza. The very nature of it being classified as a corona virus makes it more virulent. Short of any possibility of being lab manufactured this virus had/has the potential to mutate into a more virulent strain.

In essence what you people are trying to say is because on Dec 1 China implemented a mandatory vaccine regiment that thousands upon thousands of Chinese showed up in a extremely short period of time and got a shot based on scientific bad research over the years that clearly showed that you could not create a vaccine for a corona virus in the same manner as other influenza's as when done so it created a greater chance of lung deterioration via pneumonia's. This is easily debunked by your theory that victim 1 died that day as it would have taken more than a day to kill him.....and the very fact you obviously missed the fact stated that this individual had to have become infected prior to Dec 1 to have died on Dec. 1, so yeah he was expired before he could set up that oh so important mandated vaccine appointment. Furthermore the mere implication that the Chinese government decided to go ahead and vaccinate thousands of people knowing full well that you couldn't inject a lab grown virus into individuals to initiate an immune response against the live virus without causing detrimental effects decided to do so at the prospects of great economic loss if it backfired. It simply does not add up. I would assume that if the worlds most prestigious scientist were all on the same page that in order to create a vaccine or fight off a corona virus that would entails finding a way to destroy or block the s spike factor that China wouldn't have just said "well do what you want but we are going to implement the bad science instead".

Indeed, the US CDC has revealed that ILI (influenze like infections) are divergent from other years, and there has been a marked incidence of pneumonia deaths. It's quite possible that COVID-19 is sweeping through the US civilian population undetected,

That is a flat out lie. You just don't expect that someone is going to actually go look. The rate of flu is below average still so far this year and the number of people dying from pneumonia from the flu is below the epidemic know they do have epidemic level standards from a reason as they can be reached with any typical influenza but that isn't being shown to be happening. All the flu cases that have been tested have come back as the standard influenza's, there hasn't been any other than those who traveled outside the US to China and one man who got it from his wife who had traveled to China have tested positive for a corona virus. There is a very distinct difference. In order to make the claims stated you'd have to be saying that absolutely no one got ill enough off a much more deadly and serious virus never ended up going to the hospital(s) or that they did go to the hospitals that there wasn't one intelligent enough person within the whole entire lab who could identify the s spike pattern of the corona virus, or last but not least that the whole medical profession across the whole country, every lab tech, every doctor, every nurse, every anybody who could overhear other's conversations are all in cahoots to keep quiet that a corona virus is sweeping across the country. Pleaazzzeee.