THE Best WAY To Pamper YOURSELF And Others AT Once :)

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Everyday we are pampering us with a lot of stuff, we care ourselves a lot and give best efforts towards making it better and better. But do we do the same for our internal us too ? Or for the internal pampering of others ? Well I'm talking about our body, specifically the thing which fuels us and has been an effective transportation service which serves a number of important tasks too.


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Well it's one of the most important things in our body which is necessary for being alive and in sufficient quantity to carry out the biological processes. An average human has about 4.7-5.5 liters of blood in their body. Blood serves the purpose of moving stuff within your bodies which includes oxygen , carbon di-oxide , nutrients , waste materials and more. It's role is huge !

But the question is do we pamper it as well like we do to our outer self ? Do we everyday care our blood just like we do to our outer body ? We do pamper other as well but is it in the case of blood too ?



Every year a lot of medical cases are registered which have a requirement of blood for various reasons which include serious accidents, diseases, surgeries etc. The demand for the human fuel is rapidly rising. The only problem is that we do not have any alternative to it except tranfusing it directly from a person to the patient. A number of people have been actively donating blood when they have someone who's in need as well as donation camps are also actively organised. But still millions of people die because of blood deficiency. That's a sad note.



Well it is a very big reason for which numerous people are been retracting from donating the fuel just because they think it maybe painful. BUT PLEASE THINK THAT DONATING BLOOD IS PAINFUL OR LOSING SOMEONE WHO YOU LOVE IS MORE PAINFUL :)

The second aspect is that people have a thought that it might be a loss to their own body which is also just a myth ! WHEARAS DONATING BLOOD IS BENEFICIAL FOR YOU BODY IN A NUMBER OF WAYS !

A Few Advantages of Donating the Fuel -

  • It Keeps The Liver & Heart Healthy

Donating blood is a very good way to reduce excessive iron levels in our body as the excess gets deposited in the liver and heart which puts unnecessary pressure on them.

  • Restoration Of Blood Cells

We are able to donate about 470ml of blood at once and soon after the regeneration process is started which takes place in the bone marrow and it boosts the energy levels and the activity goes up and body works more efficiently and actively.

  • Increased LIFE SPAN

Scientists have convinced to the fact that due to a lot of benefits ( including mentioned above ) develop the body to fight off more harms due to increased efficiency it results in increased life span.

Who Can Donate BLOOD ?

According to doctors, any healthy person can be donating blood provided the person ages between 17-66 and weighs between 50-166kg. Mens can be doing it every 3 months while womens can be donating blood every 4 months.

Now you've got to know how you can pamper you inner self and get a better being out of yourself from inside as well as you can also do pamper the same for others while at the same time pampering yourself too. It's a win-win situation for everybody, a lot of people would be upon Earth and won't have to depart of deficiency as well as it also gives a mental satisfaction too which is hard to achieve these days.

It's my humble request to you guys that you too participate in this wonderful initiative to help someone who can be brought out of trouble he/she is facing and giving that person a chance to express and enjoy being happy and lively :)

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