Take Care of Yourself Like She’s the Person You Love the Most!

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There are those who find self-care to be overstated in pampering and satisfying their desires, and there are those who believe that taking care of it is to survive but in full form for themselves. Self-kindness is not really different from the meaning of being kind to the other, but it is always the uncaring side!

Never, it's not selfish to have a day of fun for you, and without feeling guilty about not sharing with other your moments with yourself, it's not selfish to give yourself the safety and attention you need, all you need is to see yourself just satisfied with what you have. And don't think you're not good enough, because people will treat you as much as you see yourself.

So, take care of yourself like she's the person she loves most 👍.


Spoil it and take care of it above the level of giving that exceeds the power of taking, reduce your fear and overcome your fears, reduce your talk, and increase your listening.

And because you are the only leader and the driving force, trust yourself, with its ability to balance your psyche in order to accept your humanity with all its advantages and disadvantages. Because we suffer before making decisions, because we fear that they are wrong decisions, but when we trust ourselves we know that we are fine as we are now with our talents, strengths, weaknesses and failures, we are not afraid to make mistakes because we know that we will overcome them, and perhaps even grow stronger by experience.

And last but not least. I have no intention of preaching here, or telling you that you should wake up early, eat vegetables and exercise, because that would be pure nonsense on my part, because I don't do all these things. But that does not mean that they are good guidance for all of us. And you could be more responsible to yourself than me.


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo


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