A Struggle Within Man Between Good and Evil



A lot of questions to ask ourselves, why am I like this? What brings me to doing good or doing evil? These are questions that one has to ask himself every day before he starts his career, and in his relationships with people.

Every day we receive a new day in our lives, the same actions are repeated, why do we live this routine? Shouldn't we make our day (the present) a new day in our lives, i.e. to change our behaviors with the other and turn our lives for the better, the new day is not the day that starts from sunrise to sunset, this is a time relationship that binds man to his present and future, but the day that we make different from the day that Preceded by

Every day we live, people race and fight for something ephemeral, in order to get a higher position or amass a fortune, we run after materialism and overlook things of value that accompany us to another life, of course ensuring that other life needs internal jihad, is a real war between man and himself, which we may not realize. We inadvertently or deliberately ignore it, at a time when we do not lose sight of following people's insecurities, or overthrowing them and overthrowing them.

A question to be asked, did one of us check his condition, how he was and how he became? Why did he change? Just as we check our clothes when going out to work or attending a party, or an official meeting attended by officials, is the world worth running for its own pleasures, which are temporary pleasures, although they are necessary to ensure the continuity of life.

We live, we eat, we drink, we work, we sleep, we give up, we get married, we enjoy the children and life, one day comes and another day comes, another year passes and comes another year and so forth, life goes fast, we are ahead of time and we do not feel it until we find ourselves growing old our head has turned white, then we realize that we have lost something Precious, because we did not have a relationship with the one who gave us life, in this period we sit with ourselves and open the book of memories and re-scenario our lives how we lived and what happened in it, some of them remember that one day he felt some hatred towards someone and talked about him badly and was a cause of his failure or loss of rights, and another Thank God for doing good and helping those who needed help.

It is still too early to ask ourselves questions to find out what is happening inside us and how to address what can be remedied and to make up for what has been missed, so that we can achieve the equation between appearance and substance.

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