I think it's on the money too.

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Walking down the street yesterday, I saw a vir-us on the sidewalk.


What the heck?


I wanted to cross the street to avoid it, but since I had a mask on, I just pocketed it and walked home.

We had gone into several stores now that they are opening up. I forgot that this nasty bugger was in my pocket, and I think some of it got on my money! When I got home I zoomed in to investigate and there it was.


I hope others at the health food store, the local KFC, and the clothing store were not infected.

This could be a disaster!

Some stores let us in as long as we allowed them to spray our hands and pressure wash our feet. Others made us pay at the door. They thought the problems was people. People are the infectious part of the problem.

But as you can see, it's on the money.

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they are the seeds of some tree but I don't remember the name at the moment

What kind of a tree would grow out of a seed like that....need to search the internet if I know the name of this seed.

The name is liquidambar, I attach you wikipedia link:


I knew that, but it reminded me of the dempanic animations they keep showing on the news. It's all parody as we await further strange rules for health.

Yes, bread and circus.

Hello dear friend @ sponge-bob Good evening.
Money is the most polluted there is, with it you can get the least expected disease.

the seeds are from some trees that abound in Buenos Aires. called a shadow banana

I wish you a great night