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RE: This is officially moving abroad mundane chores week!

in #life3 months ago

3 months visa, what happened to the free roaming of Europe.. or did Brexit put an end to all that? I am ignorant of such things.


Brexit is an issue - it'd be nice to get residency before January.

The main issue believe it or not is car insurance - from the UK I think I've only got 90 days before I have to return then it's invalid, and I need to get insured here.

I've got a total of 6 months abroad on my insurance policy, but I think it's only ever for 90 days at a time.

And I'm fairly sure I need residency to get care insurance in Portugal!

Three months is a pretty big window.

Better get the paperwork done sooner than later. Bureaucracy is bureaucracy and being in a foreign country usually makes it more difficult.