Is any marketcap value the true value? and mind fooks!!

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Hello folks, anyone that reads my posts are knows me will know that my mind wonders sometimes and it brings me to asking questions are writing posts that seem pointless but interesting. Today i have been mainly thinking about market caps, someone was trying to throw dirt on SPI by saying that the token would lose value and i had to explain to this guy that each token was 100% backed by STEEM and priced in STEEM. I had to explain to him that if for example each SPI token was worth 2 STEEM and SPI had to shut down for some reason, there would be enough STEEM in the @spinvest account to pay out 100% of tokens holders STEEM for full amount. Now what has that to do with anything you might be thinking?

Well, i got to thinking.....

So right now the price of BTC is about $10,000 and there are about 17ish million coins out there giving a massive marketcap. What if 5 million of those coins where instantly dumped on the market, the price would crash for sure. What would the marketcap be then. Then i got to thinking, if a company like Apple is "worth" one trillion dollars and all it's investors for some strange reason tried to dump their holdings into a market with no buyers, what would the price drop to, how low would investors put sell orders in for? What if nobody bought them until the marketcap was only 10% of what it was before? Is the companies brand, properties, pat's are anything worth less? I guess it would just become an undervalued stock. It's an interesting thing to think about.

Finally i got to thinking.....

About a whole range of things and how they are valued. Starbucks spend more money on staff health benefits than they do buying coffee beans, well the customers pay for it but you know what i mean. This is why your coffee in the morning is so expensive and why charity's dont work. When you give $10, how much of that is going to help people you think? Oxfen has rent, employees, marketing and other overheads to pay, maybe they need to collect a certain amount just to break even.

The world is one big mind fuck here to keep us busy. Everything is based on speculation, everything. I love my silver, it's solid money but only cause it been used as money for almost 5000 years. It's uses are vast but it's just a metal at the end of the day. I assume it's gonna hold value in 50 years. When i became an apprentice baker and served my 4 years, i assumed i would be a baker for all my days. I quit baking when i was 20 and did other stuff for 10 years only to return to it a few years ago. I took the gamble that it was a job that i would enjoy and for the most part, i was correct. When i met the wife and asked her to marry me, i assumed i would love her for the rest of my days and so far, so good. Anything in this life is a speculation when you think about it. Your whole life is made up of different choices to make everyday. eg, Your closing the road, a car is coming and running really late. Will you make it if you move quickly enough are is it true risky. You would have just made a speculation about if crossing the road would end your life are not. Again, this is for everything from important stuff like how to allocate your time down to who your internet provider is.

What was i talking about?

Ohhh, yea Fuck that prick that called SPI a scam. He did'nt call it a scam directly but i've wrote enough nicely worded "your project is shit" comments to know when it's being done to me.

So that is how a comment, a spliff and 30 minutes can unfold. Like bit like chinese whispers (im not racist)



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