Do you believe in creative energy?

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Hello folks, i have not really been posting as much as i used to from this account. The past few months i have been putting all my efforts into @spinvest and by the time i finished with it, my creative energy is gone and i cant think are be bothered to write a post from this account. Bums me out a little cause i get decent ideas for posts when im at work are doing other stuff around the house but when the time comes to write it, im not bothered. What i need is STEEM to jump to 50 cent, LOL. With that said, silver is mooooning right now i have should have lots of post immo.

Creative ENERGY!!

It's a real thing. Like you make better choices and are more creative in the morning than in the evening. When you get some sleep and wake up, your fully charged of creative energy. This is the reason i love writing posts when im just woke up. As you go through the day, you use your energy up on anything from picking what to wear that day to want to have for dinner that evening. This is the reason "super creatives" like for example Steve Jobs, always wore the same clothes. Zuckerburg is another one with his simple hoody and jeans. Warren Buffet has lived int he same 4 bedroom house for 30+ years cause he says that a big house require's time and is wasted energy.
I write my post in order of @spinvest, @steemcryptosicko and then SSUK. By the time im done spenting 2 hours writing the first 2, im burned out and out of juice.

Ways to boost your Creative ENERGY

I looked into very briefly but most results came back with hippie shit like meditation, dancing, go for walk, listening to relaxed music and stuff like that. When it's 8am and im coming off a night shift and have 3 posts to write, i aint doing no fooking dancing are walking around. I already have a plan but sometimes it's counteractive.


Does smoking weed make you more creative?

I think you see from the picture below that it 100% does help with being creative. This only took 55 minutes to draw, pretty cool guys, huaa? What do you think of the big dick i added on. I was on the fence between weather to include a penis are not, i decided on the ladder as dick and balls show that it is a boy whale. I used 3 different types of blue to simulate the ocean, there were 5 different blues to pick from so this were the bulk of time was spent blankly looking at the screen, head wrecked!! trying to figure out which 2 blues to drop. I also made the eye red to show that he is focused and ready for a challenge. I call it Creative Steemit Whale


You are Your Own Steemit Whale.....Pretty Funny

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a fookin door. We are 100% our own steemit whale. Jebus, im more creative than i thought, im making people think. Changing the world!!!

Now, do i use this new super power to get pussy?

ps, i wanted to add a meme but i know from past experience that if i google imagne search the term ''pussy'' i get alot of porn and i dont want that shit on my browsing history on my desktop, lol. So no meme.