Busy morning - What can be done in 2 hours :)

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Hello folks, damn what a busy morning. I got home from work around 2 hours ago and in that time i have rebooted 2 bots as HF21 did it's thing but both Precious and CryptoSicko are back up and running just fine. I have wrote the weekly earning's report post for @spinvest which takes a while to gather and screenshot all the info needed, i banged out a contest post and paid rewards to winners from @steemcryptosicko, i answered back DM's on discord and chatted have Welshly on and off. After that i transferred STEEM from steem-engine to the @spinvest wallet and powered it up and sent out withever SPI tokens that i had sold while i was in work. I filled a 1100SP lease request on dlease for 20%, nice. Now im writing this post which will only take 10 minutes. Not bad for 2 hours :) oh, and i made a coffee and smoked 2 spliffs

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What next?

Food, shower and then bed

I have to wake up in around 5 hours as i have to go out with the wife today/night. It's our anniversary tomorrow but i need to work but i have the night off tonight so im taking her out for the classic, nice meal, movie, few drinks and then back home to chill. She'll get her gift tomorrow and then there's another year gone.

Only joking, i love the misses and being married


Happy anniversary eve my good friend. Make sure you treat her to something nice and a kiss from me 😘

Happy Anniversary, and many more future ones to come.

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Happy Anniversary, @silverstackeruk!!!

Happy Anniversary!!🎉

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Happy anniversary! How many years? Hope you two have a fun night out.