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RE: How to Prevent Mandatory Injection of DNA Vaccines Without Violence

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In response to a paper that was recently published regarding testing DNA vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 on Macaques, Josiah Zayner of The-Odin has decided to test himself the DNA vaccine, joined by David Ishee and Dariia Dantseva. Not only has he undertaken to test this mechanism himself, but he is offering a complete demonstration of how to do this yourself free of charge.

The Korean government reassured the Koreans that Bill Gates would support the development of a corona virus vaccine.
Xi Jinping also asked Bill Gates to help develop the corona antivirus.


The friend of your enemy is your enemy.

Do not believe your enemy will help you when his friend attacks you.

Help yourself. You can count on you.

Honored senior, you are right. However, King David killed Uriah to conceal an act of unholy sex with Bathsheba.

Warlords in modern Korea, China, and Japan promote Bill Gates as their savior to conceal their injustice, corruption, and incompetence.