New Year, New Skin


During my morning walk today, I came across a large tree that has lost its bark. My initial thought was that someone had damaged the tree. However, I was able to see that the tree was missing it’s bark from not only the bottom of the tree, but the loss extended to the top of the tree as well. Therefore, the damage may not have been a result of someone purposely damaging this beautiful tree.


I started to do a bit of research to see why a tree may be losing its bark. Obviously, my first theory was not likely due to the extent that someone would have to do in order to climb up to the top of this tree just to pull off a few pieces is of tree bark.


I also learned that some animals may be the cause for the loss of bark. One possible cause was from insects that have infested the tree for a place to live and eat.


If insects were making this tree it’s new home, it’s possible there were other animals that could damage the tree as they went after the insects for a food source. This can include woodpeckers that are known to be in this area. Multiple other birds or possibly other animals could also be the cause for damaging the bark, causing it to eventually fall off.


According to my research, another possible cause has a perfect scenario for the new year. Tress sometimes lose their bark because they have simply outgrown their skin. In other words, the trunk may have gotten too large for the circumference of the bark. As a result, the bark may shed from time to time, which allows for the bark to be regrown.

I thought this was the perfect scenario for the New Year. The tree is starting the new year and new decade with a fresh skin. The tree is getting bigger and better as it grows and reaches to the sky. Happy 2020 everyone!