How to gain control

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Gaining control means you have the power. The power to remove the unwanted stuff.

It could mean removing bad emotions, bad vibes and bad energies that stop you from leading a normal life.

What if you come across a person with bad vibes. Such people leave a bad after effect too on both the environment and your mind.

How do we notice it?

The uneasy feeling and the loss of happiness just as if a dementor has been near you if you put it dramatically.

We cannot prevent people from meeting us because we live in a society full of all sorts of people.

What to do, then?

  • Ignore the bad - bad thoughts, bad words, taunts, insults, and abuse

  • If you feel you have been jinxed, wash your face with water or light an incense stick in your room or else just spriinkle salt in the room and sweep it off

  • Make sure your room gets a lot of sunlight

  • If you are a music lover, listen to happy songs or dance numbers

  • If possible, get out of the place where you got the bad vibes and just connect with somebody you like a lot. Talking or chatting with such a person could help a lot

I am sure you will be able to remove the bad vibes soon enough

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