How can we do self improvements ????

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What is self improvement ???

Improving in every aspect of life by investing time and money is all about self improvement.

So how can we do that????

  1. Remember the story of rabbit and tortoise. Rabbit is intensity and tortoise is consistency . So start to be consistent. It will improve the productivity of life in long term.

  2. Don't compare your self with others. No need to rush to match the timelines of competitors .Understand that few people excel in early life and some achieve that later.

  3. Mind management is very much essential in life and it is actually life management. Learn to control your thoughts. If your body that cannot rest, then it is the surest sign of weak mind. With practice of meditation,spending quality time with nature can help you to control the generation of thoughts.

  4. Analyse each day before going to sleep. The best way to improve tomorrow is by recognizing what we did wrong today. Track the record.

Please understand the fact that , Even an attempt to improve is a good improvement.

  1. Try to find happiness from inside. Go for a solo trip sometime, watch a movie alone and be aware of the things going on around you. Be busy with learning new cultures,interacting with new unknown people and different age group.

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