We don't need war to KILL

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War may have killed billions of people since the dawn of time but there are other factors which are equally merciless. And as in war, the big guys suffer the least and the people on the field die by the bushel. I am speaking about the lack of Fundamental Human Rights - Capitalist, Socialist, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, White, Asian, African - ALL die if these are taken away.

  1. Air which does no imminent harm

  2. Water fit for drinking

  3. Food- minimum 800 calories a day

  4. Shelter from fierce weather

These four should be non-debatable; we expect that the worse of the criminals and even animals farmed from slaughter are kept in humane conditions- so atleast the same for human beings.


1 . AIR

  • The World Health Organization estimated in 2014 that every year air pollution causes the premature death of some 7 million people worldwide.[4] Studies published in March 2019 indicated that the number may be around 8.8 million.[41]- Wikipedia


  • 663 million people did not have access to improved sources of drinking water -Wikipedia. Moreover by 2050 globally nearly 300 large cities will face acute water shortage.
  • "If cities are essentially drinking rivers dry, that has really bad effects on the fish and the reptiles and everything else in the river," Sydneymorningherald

3 . FOOD

  • The UN noted that about 2 billion people do not consume a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals - wikipedia


  • 1.6 billion, or more than 20% of the global population, lack adequate housing - Yalegolobal

Least we can do is oppose WAR and large scale displacement. We will soon need to face many problems for which we do not have easy solutions.

- www.toonpool.com/user/734/files/mother_earth_540105.jpg


I tend to agree, no easy solutions for these things, in fact, possibly no viable solutions at all?

War is an interesting thing to me in that humans seem incapable of preventing it, or getting into a position in which it seems the only option. Despite all the anti-war sentiment, all the pain and suffering it causes, someone's always ready to pick up a rock and throw it at someone.

@galenkp I look at war like I look at cancer. Only that war is worse coz we made it happen. So even if there is no cure today- there is a chance and hope and a goal to work towards.

The saddest part is the ones who want war, who engineer the crisis, are the ones who profit from it. And those who actually fight the war and suffer, gain nothing even if they win. The many people who die and are maimed and families torn apart are forgotten.

I'm pretty familiar with the cost of war having lost many people to it, during and post deployment. Many who fight and survive never really gain freedom from it, rather they come back to a fight of a whole other nature with PTSD and other ongoing issues. And then there's the innocents...

Rarely do those who orchestrate war suffer from it. Not on the winning side anyway.

Thanks for responding.

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