Unknown personality how does affect your family little members . wake up and protect now.

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We don't know how our kids lives are when we are not spending enough time for them but we can feel the situation when nobody used to be talk to you when you were kid and seated alone in the park or somewhere at the corner of the house.

The world is totally changed and we need to run for the daily lifestyle needs and unknowingly we either completely skip the care of our beloved youngster or just not enough time to guide or teach them core value and moral of the life .in consequence the life of the youngster either misguided or misbehaved .

Earning money for the family is important but staking your family members believe and faith on some other medium like tv , media , unknown friends or social media like Facebook etc are not well source to nourish your house youngsters as they might be suffered badly mentally and physically .

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As a guardian or head family members , we are responsible to take care of our kids and youngsters . Teach your beloved right lesson of living life and be a good parent to control your kids activities and other movements.

Nowadays , we handover electrical gadgets like phone , tablet or computers to our little family members but we don't observe them about how and where and what are they doing with those gadgets and some unknown hook them out and play with their brain and do brain wash to make them believe that they can make more happy to them.

This is brutal face of our society which is hidden but not ended ever and it will rise again and again whenever we as a parent or care taker quit our responsibility for their better guidance and nurture .