Your Decision and Your Circumstances

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Your life is not a product of the circumstances around you but a direct product of the decisions you take. Even in the midst of untold cruelty, you can choose to be different. It is not a must that you will flow with the trend as other. If it is bad, then no matter the majority doing it, it does not make it right. Being different means standing out and being in your own class - this is what makes one outstanding.

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Any decision you take today will have either negative or positive effect on you later, there's no "in between". Just as nature does not support voids, your decision is not without effects and consequences. Once there is "cause and action", there must be effect. Anytime you are prompted to act towards a line of course, just ask yourself if you will be happy with yourself when the effects comes.

If you will be able to bear the anticipated consequences, then you can attempt to take the risk. If not, then you may consider retracting your steps. Tomorrow does not happen by chance but it is the result of the actions that has been performed today, just like the actions of yesterday will have effect on what today will look like.

The fact is, yesterday's actions have gone and cannot be undone, you just need to brace up for the consequences. However, you have today to redeem your tomorrow by the actions you perform. If you need a favourable tomorrow, then you need to act favourably today. For the sake of your tomorrow, you need to be cautious of your actions today.

The same time you have is exactly the same that is presented to someone else. What makes the difference is how they utilize their own. Do not allow your background or your situation to hamper you from making the moves that will be beneficial to your tomorrow. Always remember this, it is unwise to be ashamed to take the actions that will bring gain to your future.

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