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You are never a failure until you have conceded defeat. Failing once does not translate to being a failure. Well, it might if you refuse to rise and try again. Whatever cannot hold your back against the ground cannot stop your success from being in view. Some people's success stories cannot be complete without mentioning the obvious times they failed while trying.

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What happens to anyone (including failing at an attempt) is not as important as how the person responds to it. If someone did not get something done at the first trial, he should look beyond the failure and see it as an experience to get better at the next trial. After all, experience teaches the most things. This is why it is better to fail at trying out new things and taking risks than to succeed at doing absolutely nothing.

If you have ever seen high jumpers do their thing, you will observe that they normally take few steps backwards before running towards the bar. The steps are necessary to give them the required boost to make the leap. In the same way, the setbacks some people have experienced are just steps backwards (just like the case of the high jumper) that are required to make for a better comeback.

I remember a particular quote by one of China's ancient mentors and philosopher; Confucius.

Our greatness does not lie in not falling but it lies in rising up each time we fail. - Confucius.

Looking at this quote holistically, you will understand that this is actually the secret of many successful people. They encountered some roughness at some point but they did not allow it to define them. If you refuse to be defined by your failure, then you have already lived past them.

Anyone that promises you a very smooth ride in life is not being truthful to you. Believe me, challenges will come but your victory lies in how you react to the challenges.

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That which comes easy rarely solves anything. The struggle behind that which was obtained hard often provides resources for success elsewhere. That said, it's wise to maintain a smart approach toward life and not seek out unnecessary or unfruitful struggle. I also believe that creating such struggle for others is a great sin because we know not what are the full consequences.

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