Knowledge Over Ignorance

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In the darkest night, the only solution to find your way through is to introduce light. Darkness will always respect the potency of light. In the same way, the cure for ignorance only comes when considerable knowledge is sought out for. The person that knows something is always a master over the one that does not know. This is why it has always been said that the people that rule the world are people of ideas (which come from knowledge).

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No one has attained the state of being the possessor of unlimited knowledge, this is why we need to keep updating ourselves with relevant knowledge. The keyword here is "relevant". Learning is one aspect of life that is continuous and stop only at death. The more you learn new things, the more you discover that there are many more things to learn and the more you realize that you have just known very little.

Any knowledge you want to acquire will come at a cost but it will definitely be worth it. Anyone that thinks that the price of knowledge is weighty has no idea what the price of ignorance is. Just like darkness will not be overcome except with light, there are some problems that will not be solved until you have acquired relevant knowledge. Believe me, it is the knowledge of the problem that will facilitate the discovery of the solution. Obviously, it is almost practically impossible to solve the problem that you do not have knowledge of.

There are many things that do not come by chance and knowledge is one of them. To acquire extensive knowledge, there must be an extensive search. Your level of knowledge is a function of your level of input. Remember, you can only harvest where and what you have previously sown.

To live without acquiring knowledge is to lose relevance without knowing it. The world keeps getting more complex and is constantly changing. If you refuse to follow suit, you may be left out in the past. Believe me, the knowledge you applied to solve yesterday's challenges may not be sufficient enough to solve tomorrow's challenges, so update.

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