Keeping Your Focus

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Do you know one of the reasons some people find it hard to break-through at something? It is because of lack of focus and trying to pursue many things at the same time. When someone tries to put all his fingers in his mouth at the same time, he'll subject his mouth into undue strain. This same thing happens to other aspects of life including business.

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If you were privileged to stay in the village and probably followed grandpa for hunting, you will discover one thing. When hunting bush meat, for example, you need to be focused on just one. If you pursue more than one, you may end up losing all and expending your energy in futility. In business, you do not have to do everything because your friends are doing them. You need to choose the ones that apply to you and give them your best shot.

Messi and Ronaldo are about the most celebrated footballers of our contemporary time and that is because they gave all they had and all their best in the pursuit of football. Imagine if Messi had been combining football with wrestling and basketball, he may end up not mastering any.

This is the reason, even in academic fields (in medicine for example), there is specialization. To master an act and to get better, you need focus and singleness of purpose. The major inhibitor of success is distraction: A little here, a little there... and that is how mastery will not be attained.

When Thomas Edison was going about his invention, he already had the end in view. Even when he seemed not to get it right at first, he never allowed distractions to set in, rather, he kept at it and kept giving it his shots until success arrived. This is what focus entails. A time may come when discouragement may want to set in and you may begin to question even your own ability but if you still have your optimism with you and if you refuse to shift your focus, you can still make a headway.

To succeed, you do not just need a plan but the discipline and determination to be focused to the dictates of the plan and to follow it to the later. Remember, success requires price and this is one of the prices to pay for success.

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