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There is a very popular proverb that explains the fact that what does not kill someone has the propensity to make him stronger. Well, there is truism in it. The challenges that confront someone normally have positive impact in the person's life because they will make him to evolve with more strength. This is just like clay cannot be hardened without passing through the fiery furnace.

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If you have ever seen soldiers train, you will observe the strain and stress they put themselves through. They pass through a simulated combat scenario but in a controlled environment. The purpose of this is to sharpen their combat skills and live ready for a real combat. Any soldier that refused to pass through the hardness of the training may become a causality in the day of battle.

People admire gold because of its shiny lustre but gold does not exist in nature in that attractive form. For it to arrive at that state, it has to endure heating in the furnace, hammering, and other rough processes. Unleashing the strength in you will require you to undergo some necessary hardness.

There is an unimaginable strength that lies dormant inside us and it will not find expression until we create the required atmosphere for it. It is only kids that wish for challenges or opposition not to come. Heroes and legends will ride on them to attain to their success. Moreover, heroes are made by battles and not on the comfort of their rooms.

For someone to be certified even in academic field, they must pass through examinations to prove that they are prepared to take responsibility for the certificate. That means that anyone that will shy away from taking exams has excluded himself from attaining success. This also applies in other fields. If you do not confront your opposition, you cannot be declared a conqueror.

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