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Many people may not appreciate the need to show mercy until they are the ones that need the mercy. If you have ever erred before and deserved punishment but somehow, you were pardoned, then you will realize how adorable mercy is. Now, if you have ever received mercy, it is demanded that you show it to others and not be quick to recompense punishment to people that err against you.

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There will come to a point when you realize that it is not enough to be right but to be kind. For example, the right thing to do may be to punish someone for their errors but the kind thing is to grant them pardon. Some lessons are better learnt on the platform of mercy and not on the platform of punishment.

We may have read about the popular parable of the shepherd where a shepherd lost a lamb out of the flock. He did not give up on the lost lamb, rather he left the other herd and went searching for the lamb until he found it. Looking at this parable, you may not understand the reason behind the shepherd leaving the other flocks until you are that particular lamb that went astray. Most people only tend to appreciate mercy when it is shown to them but they forget that they can also show mercy to others.

Mercy is simply not giving someone the punishment or consequences they deserve. The truth is, in one way or the other, we all have enjoyed mercy at some point in our lives, so why don't we show it to others? Repaying evil with another evil only places you in the same class with the person. However, you can show your supremacy and prove that you belong to a higher class when you repay good in lieu of evil.

You do not show mercy because the other person deserves it but because you're a better human. Note this; the mercy you show to people is never wasted. Someday, it will come back to you when you need it most. Sowing mercy makes you to obtain mercy.

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