Associating With Good People

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When you hang around open flame, it will be very normal for you to pick up the smell of smoke. In the same way, you will naturally tend to pick up the characters and attitudes of the people you hang around with. There is no association you enter, no matter how small, that will leave you the same way. More than you may know it, your friends and the company you keep affect not just your character but your attitude, your habit and ultimately, your future. This is why you should be cautious when keeping company.

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For the sake of your future, you cannot afford to hang around people that are moving in opposition direction as you. They may not be bad people but the question is, are they right for you? You will agree with me that water and oil are both essential commodities but they do not mix together. If you join someone else that is moving in an opposite direction, when they arrive at their destination, you will stranded.

A friend of mine once shared a story of how he had his first smoke. While in college, one of his friends invited him to a birthday party. After the party, they stayed behind for some chitchat. While discussing, smokes were passed and after moments of refusal, he gave in and took a draw. That singular draw gave birth to other draws and today, he's a chain smoker.

There are many things that we may not have done if not because we were convinced by our friend. However, in the positive side of it, there are some achievements we may not have gotten if not for the help of our friends. Your friends will either have positive impact or negative impact on you. Remember, you are either made or marred by the people you hang out with.

By observing your friends, people can tell, to some extent, who you are. If you want your life to turn out to be good, then do not keep company with bad people. At first, their company may look harmless but in the long run, by the time you are ankle-deep, you will discover that your life is already looking like theirs.

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Your first sentence is the essence of a message consistently preached by one of my Pastors.

Allow me to share the power of conviction in the righteousness path. While I did pick up drinking and smoking for some years, in the back of my mind I knew how to quit. The party scene was always around me. Maybe since my birth. Certainly since I first remember running. But it was running, exercise, sports, exploring the outdoors, meditation, pursuit of knowledge and faith that kept me focused on a future that would leave behind tobacco and alcohol. Simply running to the top of a mountain or breathing in the first dew-filled air along the NJYC metropolis inspired by the morning solar wind was all the truth I needed for the eternity of life. It is peace, hope and faith shared by others to start the day.

Many say quitting smoking is hard, but I was blessed with the idea of picking up a book on the Science of Breath written by eastern and western educated doctors to become fully aware of what each inhale of a cigarette was costing. I then realized a similar feeling from holding my breath. Had I learned to activate nicotine receptors by depriving my brain of oxygen.. IDK, but I put down my last cigarette decades ago and do not even recall my last puff :) True power extinguishes ill thoughts.

God bless

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us buddy.

Your first sentence is the essence of a message consistently preached by one of my Pastors

I'm piqued to ask which church you attend buddy.

Thanks for coming around. God bless you too

Calvary along the Treasure Coast. Let me know if you're ever in the area.