Was great to meet @Orlev and the family yesterday!

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Had a great Saturday yesterday, the highlight of which was meeting @orlev, Lilia and Tao (excuse spellings) in their lovely transitional home near the very the top of Penamacor.


Tao is a well chilled out toddler, one child well on his way to a sane adulthood for sure! I think you can tell he's suspicious of sellfies, not a bad state of mind to have as a starting point!

Actually I've got a feeling @orlev's actual name might be Michael, I didn't even think to ask, funny how the very basics slip you by sometimes!

Had a nice chill late afternoon, just chatting for a couple of hours over dates, peanuts and juice and picking up a few tips about Portuguese. They recently celebrated their first year in Portugal, and have had a pretty epic journey so far getting settled, a lot it documented on YouTube and here on Hive. I'm happy to see them in such a nice house in such a nice town!

I actually first came across the family on YouTube a year ago when they were outlining their mission to buy land (which they've had for a while now) and their vision to set up an eco village, which will eventually be free for people to come and live on - this is a several year project to get off the ground, they're taking it slowly, which I can relate to, life comes first!

I only later realised @orlev was also on Hive, and he's well worth a follow - he hosts a very interesting Discord show at 23.00 GMT every Thursday - covering some very philosophical material on the origins of man and our place in the universe.

I didn't stay too long, I have a very British paranoia about over staying my welcome, always unfounded, but I have much larger paranoia about driving on new roads in the dark, so wanted to get back before the sun set (not that the strategy worked that well, I just ended up being blinded most of the journey back which is probably worse than driving in dark!)

It was great to meet my first IRL people here in the Penamacor area besides my AirBandB hosts, who are also very nice btw!

Going to see a woman about a medium-term stay in a yurt near Fundao later today, fingers crossed I like the look of the place and more importantly that we just click, that's pretty crucial, I get the feeling we will.


'Where's the social distancing!'....

We don't need it - we're isolated in a mainstream media free bubble!

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Awesome! It's so exciting to see how you're meeting up with other Hivers. @orlev and @eco-alex are there already, now you joined... Seems like things are starting to happen. Makes me want to get back across the Atlantic too!

There are a LOT of people over here buying up land, working on it, off-gridding, it's pretty amazing!

I hope we all get to that point where everyone new we meet will be already on the hive Train

I hope we all get to that point where everyone new we meet will be already on the hive Train

Wow that would be awesome, it is a natural home for alternative lifestylers I feel!

That's great you met a fellow Hiver there. I hope you can connect with more along the way.

I hope so, yet to meet @eco-alex, all in good time!