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CO2 Compensation Coin chart update:


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Shouldn't Simplex World Society's homepage and this post like this be updated to at least include Hive as factor, since this is posted both places I assume.

Hello @cwow2

  • I know - I have to update Simplex World Society's webpage. It's on my ToDo-list already :-)
  • The posted chart is a screenshot from steem-engine. Unfortunately it's not easy to apply just a factor to show the chart in Hive. My idea is to enable a COCO-pegged Coin on hive-engine. But before starting this I like to wait how @aggroed maybe is linking steem-engine and hive-engine under a common frontend. My hope is that there could be an inherent swap between STEEM and HIVE so that all tokens can be easily traded against STEEM and HIVE. But I don't know if this will come true.
    Thank you for your input - it's always welcome.

I understand the whole SE -> HE issue thingy.
I am just talking about words used in this post on this blockchain.

By using Steem and not Hive, you promote Steem the Blockchain which a lot of people on Hive wanna get away from.

This post is perfect for Steem, but not for Hive in my opinion :D
It could be, just by changing the Steem to Hive tho.

I have updated the websites. I mentioned Steem and Hive, links in general are going to peakd on Hive.
You are right - I hope websites are better now.
In this post I have to mention STEEM because COCO is traded against STEEM on steem-engine still. So in fact it refers to steem-engine and not to Steem. Some lins are adopted now. I simply hope that Hivians (who mostly have been on Steem before) do understand that...). Not easy - I know...
Thank you for any input.

And nono, its not easy I know x)

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