We should wait for our Time...

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I always believe that there is a time for everything. We don't have to worry too much about the output. If we give our hundred percent it will come automatically to us.

But in between the journey, we have to keep our patience. It's not always possible to not get mad if we can not see our output, I can understand that. Which is very natural I think.But what I learnt over the time of my life that this is not a good practice. It makes our life more stressful and the waiting hour makes us frustrated.

That's why I was saying we should believe on 'our perfect time'. This believe actually helped me to be motivated, gave me some time to look back what mistakes I have made and gave me the opportunity to rebuild my strategy.

I was not like what I'm today a year ago. Motherhood helps me to be more patient. And helps me believe on this practice. This makes me more relaxed but focused on my work and final output.

I'm not sure if it sounds like a lazy tips. But I realized it through my life. Waiting for the output is a stressful job. I practiced to make my mind relax on this process instead, it actually works better. It's not like you are making yourself depends on your fate or tricking yourself to be lazy. This practice helps to settle down our mind, make us calm which later helps us to get more energy for our work.

Hope this also helps in your life!


Much Love

Keep Steeming


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Wise words @rem-steem. Worrying while waiting for an outcome does exactly as you mention. Why do we try to add stress to our lives when it's not necessary? Most things in life aren't instant. We know this, yet we still get upset when it doesn't happen.

That's very natural. But we can practice to be more patient. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Nice and true words.
Wait and see,
Thanks for your post.

Thanks for your words.

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Exactly, rem-steem. If we give our 100 percent, that's all.
Preserving patience is often a difficult exercise. But with patience and love, you may be able to open every window and the warmth fills the room. Patience is something very nice.
Often one thinks of the childhood, when the people scolded, the parents, the teachers, if one did something wrong or so. How did you feel? How nice it would be if z. B. a teacher would have patience. I think every kid would understand things and not bring a schoolnote 6 home. You have the feeling that you do not have to be afraid of patient people.
I think we should have the perfect time every moment by our standards.
I also think that, even though there are still some troubled times, it helps to calm our minds and reassure us. Thank you for your nice post, rem-steem :)

You raised a good point. We should teach our kids this thing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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No, no :) leave the little boy in joy and let him rest in himself. If the little ones are impatient, then be patient with the little ones.

yes it is very important to be present and to enjoy each moment and not stress xx

Thanks for sharing your thought. 😊

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We do the best that we can and then, we can only wait for the results. When time is right, everything will fall into place. No need to stress. :-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm seeing you after a while. How is your days going?

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Hello @rem-steem. Some days, words don't flow. Some days a bit low of VP. But otherwise, all is well. Still hanging in there. Thank you. :-)

That is exactly how i feel now as well. It all comes naturally.

That's so true. Thanks 😊

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