Wish I Had Bought More

in life •  4 months ago 

These are the many kitchen supplies I was talking about on my last visit to the duty free shops in Clark Pampanga Philippines. I want to go back and buy a few more for my baking needs. We didn't have much time to check everything in the store because we have other appointments. Looking at this photo now I know what else I need. But, until when will these goods be available and will I get them for the same discounted price? I guess not.
Today my dad has a follow up check up with the doctor, took a while before we got in as there are a lot of patients before us. So I viewed some of my photos, played and edited them to keep me occupied while waiting. As soon as we're done with the appointment we went to McDonald's for an afternoon carb craving.
We all had a quick order of chicken with rice and a drink. It was a tiring day. We finally reached home. Now I am thinking about the kitchen supplies once again. I am wishing that I should have bought more. How about you guys how's your weekend?

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