Everyday is a New day.... May be scary day...

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Hey guys, good day

Today was really gloomy day and I went out for a walk. While I was walking I was thinking about lots of stuffs , positive ,negative. From past few days , my life has become hard and so many changes happened which was uncertain for me. I was not prepared for that...


We learn so many things everyday, face lots of challenges but live never stop, time never stop. I really wish I could go to my past to solve some mistakes. I don't know what's coming for me but every night I am afraid scared. Every night I awake because of thinking about my uncertain future. Future we don't know but atleast I should have a goal what I want to do.. Yea, I had goal but I guess it won't work out anymore.

I had some dreams well I never stopped dreaming but it's not enough for real life. Reality is always different, this is really important to work on according to your plan , if it fail you are gone. I guess my situation is kind of like that. I am becoming hopeless as I don't have any particular plan, not even a goal. I am blank totally.

"We try to hide our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak.”

Some memories are unforgettable , you can't forget everything so easily. Pressure is on and everyday is a scary day for me. Am I too strong to handle everything? I don't know. Sometimes I sit on a couch , blank , watching the roof, no feelings nothing.... Weird isn't it , because I lost all of my confidence, hope everything.. There is no dream, no wish nothing....

Sometimes I feel I should give up, I am done but ..... Then I think , I should give a try one more time............

I am @priyanarc..... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life.I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way i can know and reach your mind and thought easily...


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I saw a poster yesterday with someone walking down a road and the saying was something like: Do not look back or you will not see where you are going.

Confidence will return as you move forward. The pain will hang on but there may be something wonderful beyond the next curve, so one step at a time..

I am trying my level best sir.. Every single moment I am fighting with myself thinking I have to do it.. But I just fall behind ..

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I had goal but I guess it won't work out anymore.

Why do you say that?

If I recall correctly you were finishing your degree in Architecture. What is up with that?

Lots of things happened in a few days... buddy

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Hmmmm... But what about the course? Have you completed it?

not yet.. 4 months left...

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Oh, alright. That's nice to know. I wish you do well! 🍀


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By the way that is a very nice picture in my opinion.

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